R-Truth & Shelton Benjamin: The Future of Smackdown

James TurnerCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2008

Ain't no stopping JT now! It's your boy, Simple JT coming back at you all again. I haven't written an article on BR in awhile but I do sign on everyday to read all the NFL and wrestling articles. See where other people's opinions are and like to learn how they write. I like some articles. Some are just simple that anyone can write.

Then, there are those very few articles that I have no choice but to comment on. Other than that, I love the fact that regular people like us can just voice our opinion.

Now I want to talk about the two biggest rising stars in the WWE. Both happen to be on the Smackdown brand. Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth. These two are about to take Smackdown to a whole another level. And they have evidence to back up their talents.

Let's start with Shelton Benjamin. "The best pure athlete in the WWE." You know you are a talented individual when the man known as Jim Ross consistently calls you the best athlete in the WWE week after week. That's high praise coming from JR. But I totally agree with him.

Benjamin is the best athlete in the WWE, in my opinion. And in a legit one-on-one matchup, I can only see a few wrestlers actually beating him. He puts on great matches, when giving the right amount of time to perform. He has a nice entrance and theme song.

Benjamin's mic skills have even improve tremendously. I'm thinking back when he was with Team Angle and WGTT. He wasn't that great on the mic. But I guess he has been working on his mic skills because he has what it takes to be a high main eventer. Only thing that's going to stop Shelton Benjamin from reaching to the top is himself...and HHH.

Even HHH willn not be able to stand in Benjamin's way if he keeps elevating himself. He's drawing good heat from the crowd and has potential to be the top heel on Smackdown, with the exception of Edge. Only Shelton and Vince himself know what Shelton's future holds.

Now let's get to R-Truth. Ever since his debut back in the last Smackdown in August, he has been a fan favorite. And no not just by 13-year-old kids like I've been hearing and reading others say. R-Truth is the truth. He is actually well over with the fans. Probably more than anyone could have expected, including Vince McMahon.

Then again, I think Vince knew what R-Truth could bring because he lets him do his own entrances and he gets to interact with the crowd which they always love. The thing about R-Truth is that he can actually wrestle too. He's not just an entertainer. He has put on some good matches since his return to the WWE. He's made Chavo and Bam Neely look good and who the hell is Bam Neely? Some whack bodyguard of Chavo Guerrero. But he put on a nice five to six minute match with him.

The fans be behind him during his entrance, during the match and after the match. He's so scary looking for most WWE fans but he's so friendly at the same time. He has a good nature about him. And once he gets in the ring it's strictly business. One thing Vince loves about wrestlers is how "over" they are with the fans. And if R-Truth can keep elevating his character, then he could hit that main event in no time. Maybe he can even become US champion.

I see a great rivalry between Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth. I think this is the perfect fued for these two because its going to give them chances to show why they are great athletes while putting on some good, maybe even great matches. I can see these two definitely putting on a good 15-minute bout.

This fued will elevate both stars because it would show that there are some newcomers stepping into the main event scene. Not to mention that they are both black wrestlers so that's really going to draw in some black viewers. Not only the black viewers, but it will help the predominantly white WWE viewers to appreciate and really respect black athletes. Booker T came a long ways and he has helped pave way for these two right here.

Honestly, if Shelton and R-Truth keep up with their potential, I could honestly see one of these two with the World Heavyweight Title someday. And I can see Vince McMahon shaking things up like he has and put the big strap on one of these two wrestlers someday. Shelton would probably be the first black WWE champion which would be great for wrestling. It would be a mind boggling, yet memorable moment in wrestling history. Will it happen that's up to these two athletes.

I'm not a big black or white guy when it comes to anything in life. Sports, politics, relationships, friends. I'm cool with any and everybody who shows me the respect that I give to them. But I would like to see a black WWE Champion someday. Not just because they are black but because there are some who are worthy of holding the big strap.

None of them are ready now, besides Booker T, but he's been multiple time champion. He has already solidify his status as perhaps the greatest black wrestler in history. Now it's time for new stars to step up and take the gold. Either that or give the title back to Edge. That's my wrestler right there.

What does the future hold for Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth? I tell you one thing, Vince McMahon and the whole creative team are doing a good job so far with these two leading into a big fued that could go all the way to the Royal Rumble. With Benjamin ending R-Truth's undefeated streak and R-Truth winning the US Championship from Benjamin.

They can really solidify themselves as major heavyweight contenders. And I'm rooting for them both. I'm still giving the edge to Shelton Benjamin. He's next in line for superstar status. Just don't mess this one up Shelton.

Let's see what the future holds for these two young stars. Simple JT signing off.