Calling All Bleacher Creatures: Fantasy Basketball Elimination League

Jameson FlemingSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2008

Every year I run a fantasy basketball league called "The Eliminator." This year I want to open it up to Bleacher Creatures to see who on this site has the knack for basketball, mathematics, and pure strategic analysis pouring out your behind. 

The way the league works is simple. 20 team rotisserie. Every other week the team in last place is eliminated. That means your done for the year, no second chance. Your players are then redrafted to the remaining teams. The team in second to last gets first pick and so on.

Once you get down to about 12 teams left, eliminations are every week. When down to ten teams, a manager can pick two players up in a draft. The second round is in reverse order. So the first place team has dibs in the second round.

When five teams remain, there will be no more eliminations, no waivers, and no waiting period on trades.

Otherwise normal rules apply. Trades, moves, waivers, and rosters are standard. There is a maximum game limit of probably 90 games, haven't decided on that yet.

The league is on Yahoo! Sports. The ID to the league is 24197. The Password is basketball.

If you plan on joining the league, leave a comment with your team name and then register.