Top 25 MLB Free Agents This Off-Season(2009)

AccountKiller AccountKiller@AccountKillerContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

1. C.C. Sabathia SP: The way that C.C. Sabathia has performed for the Milwaukee brewers has made the top rated free agent this off-season. Pitching what should have been a no hitter and numerous complete games and shutouts. Since  July 8, 2008 he is 10-2 in 16 starts making him a nominee for the NL Cy Young award. Since being traded he has posted a 1.78 ERA and has been a huge part of the Milwaukee Brewers playoff push. At the end of the season Sabathia might want to stay in the NL making the Dodgers a possible team to get him if they don't resign Ramirez. If Sabathia chooses to go back to the AL he will probably be in Pinstripes next year.

2. Manny Ramirez OF or DH: Manny Ramirez is the second best free agent this upcoming off-season due to the fact that he is such clutch when it comes to big at bats and also is just a fantastic all around hitter. Manny Ramirez will either resign with the dodgers or go to a team in the American League maybe even the Yankees you never know what Manny will do.

3. Vladimir Guerrero RF: The Angles have a club option on him so he isn't a free agent unless he opts out or the Angles don't pick up his option. This is very unlikely but if he opts out he will be a great free agent option for any team needing a power hitter. He is a great right fielder and can really make a difference in any batting order. The most likely scenario for Guerrero is to be playing for the Angles next season.

4. Mark Teixeira 1B: Traded this season to the Angles; Mark Teixeira made a big difference in the batting order. He is a good defensive first baseman, who is very consistent and will put up 30HR and 100 RBI every season. He is relatively young, he is 28 years old. He is a great all around player that will probably get a contract for about 20 million a year. With the Expiring contract of Giambi the Yankees will probably sign Teixeira if not resigned by the angels.

5. Francisco Rodriguez Closer: K-Rod had his best season so far in his career with a historic 62 saves this season. The angels have already said that they will not resign him for 10 million or more a year which he deserves. The angles will probably make their current set-up man Scot Shields their closer. K-Rod could end up in many different places but probably a team with money in the American League.

6. AJ Burnett SP: He is a great number two pitcher and could even be an ace, he has great control over his pitches and will be a great pitcher to add to any rotation. Although the Blue Jays have offered him an extension he has expressed his interest to test out Free Agency and will probably opt out of his contract. If the Yankees don't get C.C. Sabathia then they might want AJ Burnett and also a struggling team like the Tigers might be interested in his services.

7. Adam Dunn LF: The Dbacks most likely wont have the money to pay him what he is asking and with Eric Byrnes coming back they probably wont even need his services in left field. He has great power and is a home run hitting machine. The only problem with him is that he strikes out a lot and bats around .250 he will be asking for about 15 million dollars give or take. He could also play first base which is a better position for him since he cant cover much ground in left field. He would also be well suited for the DH spot. We might be seeing Adam Dunn on a struggling team that needs a presence in their lineup.

8. Carl Crawford LF: Carl Crawford brings a lot to any team. He is pretty young and athletic. He is very quick and can steal many bases for any team. For his age he is a big leader leading the Rays to the AL east title. But more likely then not Carl Crawford Will be with the Rays next season.

9. Bobby Abreu RF: Abreu is a very good hitter when the count is 0 and 2. He also is very good at working deep into counts. He has a very powerful bat and may not be the best defender in right field but can also play first base or DH. We might be seeing bobby Abreu in a place like Cincinnati a place that is lacking batting and has an opening in Right field left by Ken Griffey Jr. As for playing in New York I don't see that happening because the Yankees can't afford to add another player to their overloaded outfield and plus Nady can move to right field were he originally played.

10. Ben Sheets SP: Is a top of the rotation pitcher that knows how to win and would be a great ace or a number 2 guy. The reason that i didn't put him up their with AJ Burnett is because Ben Sheets is injury prone and couldn't pitch as many games in a season as AJ Burnett could. You could argue one is better than the other but Ben Sheets has had problems with injuries and has frequently missed starts.

11. Pat Burrell LF: After a great season Pat Burrell is going to a be a big name on this years market. But the most likely scenario is for Pat Burrell to return to Philadelphia it seems like they want him there and they have to money to keep him. If the Phillies don't resign Pat Burrell it will be a big loss because he could really produce a lot of needed RBI's. If they don't resign him he will probably sign with Cincinnati or another team in the NL with an opening in left field.

12. Milton Bradley OF or DH: Milton Bradley is a good option for right field or DH. He is a lot like Bobby Abreu in his batting abilities and defensive abilities. He is a lot younger than Bobby Abreu and for a small market team will probably be cheaper than Abreu. He is also relatively young(31) and is a great 3 or 5 hitter in the lineup can really get a lot of RBI's.

13. Rafael Furcal SS: Some may argue that he is higher up on this list but since his injury this year he will be worth a lot less than he would if he were healthy. But he has the best infield arm in the Major Leagues and has a great batting average. He is a great overall defender and has great range. He is maybe even the second best defensive shortstop behind Jose Reyes. I see Furcal staying with the Dodgers or definitely in the National League I don't think Furcal will go to a large market team in the American League.

14. Brian Fuentes Closer/ Set Up man: I think that Fuentes is a great option for either Close or to setup. He has great stuff but i still can't see him closing for a contending team. I think he will be better setting up and in a few years can become a very reliable closer. I would like to see him go to a contending team and not stay with the Rockies. I think that the Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, and Red Sox are all teams that could make a pass at Fuentes.

15. Orlando Hudson 2B:Hudson is a great pick up for any team with a hole at second base. I honestly doubt that the Dbacks will or will be able to work out a deal with the O dog but you never know what could happen. If they cant work something out i think that he might be playing for small market team, i just cant see the O-Dog in a city like Chicago or New York.

16. Carlos Delgado 1B: Carlos Delgado has had his best season with the Mets by far. This might be the first time that he was a nominee for NL MVP ever since the Mets signed him. He may be getting older but he still has at least two or three good years left in him. He will probably end up in the American League and will be Designated Hitting for a team like the A's not a contender but not a terrible team either. I think that he has played his last season in New York, i don't think the Mets are considering resigning him.

17. Jason Giambi 1B:He is in a very similar situation as Carlos Delgado just a year older and maybe only two years left in him. But I don't think he can play first base anymore unlike Delgado who could play first base for another year. Giambi will most likely be signed by a similar team that would sign Delgado not a terrible team but not the best and it would have to be in the American League. I also think he has played his last game in New York because the Yankees are looking to get younger.

18. Mike Mussina SP: With 19 wins this season he is performing the way the Yankees expected him too from the very beginning. When Wang went down in Houston Mussina really stepped up and got some more wins that the Yankees would have gotten if Wang wasn't injured. When Wang was out he more than Petite became the Yankees interim ace. I feel the Yankees will resign him for one or two more years at the most then he will probably retire.

19. Oliver Perez SP: Oliver Perez would be a good fourth or fifth man in the rotation for any team. He has an ERA of 4.25  and is 10-7. He is very young for a pitcher he is 27 and can only improve. I think the New York Mets will not be making a mistake if they resign to a four or five year 30 million dollar deal. The Mets need Perez in the rotation and they will probably resign him.

20. Josh Fogg SP: Josh Fogg is very similar to Oliver Perez he is a good guy to have in the end of your rotation. He wasn't very good this year but i think that if any team signs him they will see what they saw when he was pitching for Colorado, he was very consistent and had good command of his breaking balls. I look for him to be signed by a small market team and bounce back nicely from a bad season.

21. Ryan Dempster SP: He has been very good this year in Chicago and is a great number 4 starter for the Cubs. He had trouble hiding the ball but he improved and now is becoming a great pitcher. He is young but has a bright future. I look for him to be resigned by the Cubs or signed by a team like the Yankees that need some people in the middle of their rotation.

22. Greg Maddux SP: He may not be the great pitcher he used to be but he is still Greg Maddux. He will be signed by a team as a number five starter. Not necessarily to pitch but also to help out young pitchers and give them advice the way he did with Jake Peavy and Chris Young. Look for him to first want to stay with the dodgers but if they dont resign him then look for Maddux to go pitch for either the Rays or the Marlins to young clubs that could use his wisdom.

23. Ivan (Pudge) Rodriguez C: I think that Pudge can provide two good years of catching before he will have to move to first base. For any team that's lacking a catcher and needs some experience Pudge is a great option. The Mets might be interested in signing pudge you never know.

24. Rocco Baldelli CF: Rocco Baldelli has been a great back up outfielder for the Rays. He is injury prone but its not that big of a deal since he is a back up outfielder. He is a very good defender who could feel in for aging outfielder that will have the DH some days. Look for him to be signed by an American League team like the Royals, Tigers or Twins.

25. Frank Thomas DH: He may be getting old (41) but he can still swing the bat. Has a great batters eye and is an RBI machine. He would be very useful for a team that has a lot of young hitters because he can give them tips and advice on how to handle various at bats. It would be nice to see him with the Rays since their DH cliff Floyd is leaving and they have a lot of young hitters that could use his advice.

Thanks for reading my article if thier were some players that i didnt mention comment the article and i will make some revisions but i left out players such as Randy Johnson, and Andy Pettite because i feel that they will be reitiring after this season so there is really no point in putting them on this list.