WWE: 50 Most Painful Wrestling Moves in History

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WWE: 50 Most Painful Wrestling Moves in History

No matter what wrestler you are talking about, the thing that separates good ones from great ones is their ability to inflict pain. After all, that's how you win matches.

Those really special wrestlers have special moves that they like to use. They are easy for them to use and cause a lot of damage to their opponents.

It may not be their finishing move or a move that they are known for, but it is a move that helps a wrestler win. You could even argue that without it, wins would be harder to come by.

These may not be the flashiest moves. They aren't always the moves that you assign to your superstar when you create yourself in a video game. However, they get the job done. Some of them even make you wish that you didn't want to secretly be a professional wrestler.

These are 50 of the most damaging moves in wrestling. I'm sure there are some that aren't here. There is no ranking system involved because, let's be fair here; that list would be so difficult to put together.

To say that one move hurts more than another is barking up the wrong tree.

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