New York Knicks Video: Watch Chauncey Billups Dish Out a Crazy Assist

Joe FaviaCorrespondent IIMarch 2, 2011

No one knows how this season is going to end with the crazy Eastern Conference now loaded with talent. But we got a little glimpse of two of the more talented teams on Tuesday night with the Knicks and the Magic facing off.

One piece of the blockbuster deal that brought Mr. Carmelo Anthony to the "Big Apple" was five-time All-Star Chauncey Billups coming along.

Billups has been a great addition thus far and in this play we can see an example of why Chauncey was a former NBA Finals MVP for the Pistons. He nonchalantly gives a through-the-legs bounce pass to new teammate Amar'e Stoudemire.

Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson of the Magic are pretty helpless in this instance. Nelson grabs his face for no apparent reason that is made obvious in the video.

The pass was something we have seen from Steve Nash to Amar'e many times in their years together in Phoenix, and it is intriguing that these new teammates are making plays like this already in New York

Also, Amar'e finished strong with a basket and a foul. Anthony isn't the type of player that is going to carry the Knicks to a title, so having Billups and Stoudemire playing at their best makes the Knicks a dangerous team to face in the postseason.

The Knicks would end up losing this game in overtime, but Billups would play a strong game, as he has thus far in his Knicks career.