NBA Trade Rumors: California's Capital May Be Without a Basketball Team in 2012

Alex MonacoContributor IIMarch 2, 2011

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 16:  Forward DeMarcus Cousins #15 of the Sacramento Kings takes a shot against Tyson Chandler #6 of the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center on February 16, 2011 in Dallas, Texas.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Of all the NBA trade rumors floating around, none involve an event as drastic as an entire franchise picking up and leaving. 

We all remember the devastation the SuperSonics laid upon Seattle fans when they sold the franchise and left for Oklahoma City just a few short seasons ago. 

This time, it's California's capital that is in danger of packing up their bags.

The Sacramento Kings who have resided in Northern California for over 25 years are in a desperate situation.  Most franchises would make a trade, or change personnel, but the Kings' current owners, Joe and Gavin Maloof, are a unique duo.  

The Kings attendance was dead last in 2009, second to last in 2010 and in 2011, well, DeMarcus Cousins just doesn't dunk enough.

The Maloof family has a big-time decision to make about the future of their franchise.  April 18 is the deadline to apply to relocate the franchise, and right now the Honda Center in Anaheim is their number one choice.  

As a San Diego native, I take a move like that to be extremely offensive.  If the Kings end up making the move to Southern California, why put themselves in a district that would now play host to three basketball teams in a 45 mile radius of each other?

Isn't that bad business?  Well, that's debatable, but let's not count the city of Sacramento out just yet.  

Sacramento's mayor, Kevin Johnson, is an advocate of the city being deserving of an NBA franchise.  After all, the Kings had a lot of success in the mid-late 90's during the Chris Webber and Mike Bibby days.  

For Lakers fans, they better hope the Kings move down here without the cowbells in their traveling bags.  If there's one thing Arco Arena is known for, it's "more cowbell".  

As for the fate of the Sacramento Kings, it may be a completely different logo next year.  The Anaheim Ducks play their games in the Honda Center and their leading rival is the Los Angeles Kings.  Are the Sacramento Kings really going to keep their logo and name if they make the move?  You better hope not... 

Personally, I like the name "Jays", and in basketball, that word is considered a pun.  The Anaheim Jays, or if they want to be revolutionary, the Anaheim J's.  No animal on their jersey, just a picture of "Dr. J" himself!  

I feel sorry for Sacramento fans but let's face it, the Maloof brothers want to be closer to Vegas....

The Palms anyone?