Philadelphia Eagles Tendering Stewart Bradley Is Worst News of Offseason

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2011

Bradley getting trambled was a common image in 2010 and unfortunately will be again in 2011
Bradley getting trambled was a common image in 2010 and unfortunately will be again in 2011Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

First off, let me say it is good to be back.  It has been almost two weeks since I wrote on this site due to having an emergency appendix removal.  So for my first article, I was waiting for some inspiration, and when I went online today, I found something worth writing about.

Today, there was some good news.  Michael Vick signed his franchise offer sheet, so he is guaranteed to be an Eagle next season.  That is great news. 

Then comes the bad news.  The Eagles tendered offers to three restricted free agents.  They tendered Dmitiri Patterson as right to first refusal, and also Max Jean-Gilles with a fourth-round pick.  They tendered Stewart Bradley a second-round pick.

Maybe I am in the minority, but the Bradley tender really bothers me.  First off, they could have offered him a smaller tender that would have given them less compensation.  The fact they made him a large tender offer means they are planning on starting him next season.  That's why I am disappointed.  It is not so much that they tendered Bradley, it is what the tender means.

The tender means we will likely see Bradley as a starting linebacker next season.  That is terrible news.  Bradley is slow, a below average tackler, injury prone and often out of position.  Other than that, he is great.

I believe it is obvious that Jamar Chaney played better than Bradley when he got the opportunity.  Chaney brought speed to the position along with better tackling.  His quickness led to some nice plays, and Chaney is young and will only get better.

Chaney needs to start in the middle.  That means Bradley could start outside.  Perhaps that would not be terrible.  However, we saw how bad Ernie Sims was last year, and I firmly believe Sims is faster than Bradley, so why would anyone think Bradley is going to succeed on the outside?

It would have been great to see them not bring Bradley back at all, or to make a low offer, which would mean he would probably be in a reserve role.  However, a second-round tender means the Eagles are still high on Bradley.  My question is why?

Why is anyone high on a guy who has never done anything?  He has never really played at a high level except for a few games at the end of a season a few years ago.  Is that really a sign that he can play at this level?  He has suffered serious injuries that has dramatically decreased his speed and endurance. 

The reality is Stewart Bradley will never be an effective player at this level.  He is too injured, too slow and just not a good football player.  He is the present day Todd Pinkston.  He is a guy who once the Eagles get rid of him, he will probably be out of the league in a year or two afterwards.  He is a guy who every other team in the league laughs at and wonders why he is still starting for a playoff-caliber team.

Maybe we can have the back of his jersey changed to Pinkston.  At least then things would make sense again!