No Mercy For The Polls: Any Given Saturday

Jon EllsworthContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

Today was a great day in College Football. That sentence alone conjures up ill feelings in some of our sorry minds as well as images of our QB dragging himself up off the turf one too many times, our star back flailing through the air on a particularly ferocious hit that took his legs out. Or we see our line, sitting on the bench watching the jumbotron, no excitement on their face- simply staring blankly.

USC was the first to go, bitten by Oregon State yet again. Not altogether surprising, if you’ve seen the series the past 5 years and don’t pay attention to Gameday analysts and the hype they cook up.

Then we saw Florida get handled by Ole Miss, Michigan come back in dramatic fashion against Wisconsin, Navy capitalize on Wake Forest mistakes, and Maryland own the second half against Clemson. And the cherry on top- Georgia just gets pulverized by ‘Bama. Nick Saban’s Zone Blitz was simply too much for the dawgs.

Oklahoma proved something with a big win over a struggling TCU team. Texas looked crisp against a rock-bottom Arkansas. All this happens while LSU, Penn State, and especially Auburn get by in close games against “inferior” competition.

Many people are eating their words. You know who you are. Those that jumped on Ohio State and USC- overrated, right? Step back, take off your team gear, and think again.

What have we learned friends?

Any given Saturday. For the past few years, we have learned that you can’t even go outside your division and expect a win. And we can’t expect an undefeated team in the National Championship game.

LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, and Penn State fans, beware, and have some sympathy on all of those who have been upset. The tigers still have the rest of the SEC to get through. The Nittany Lions have to meet up with a resurgent Buckeyes squad, who seems to have found something today, not to mention Michigan and Wisconsin. Texas and Oklahoma will meet and one will lose. And Texas Tech is always a threat.

Have some sympathy folks, because when it happens to you, you’ll be bargaining for your BCS berth like Mack Brown come the final judgment.