Don't Blame it on Derek, Alex, or Joe

Josh TrueloveContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

Thirteen straight playoff appearances, ended in an instant. It feels so wrong doesn't it? The final season in Yankee Stadium and no playoff run? It's sad really. Yankee fan or not, you must admit that somehow October just wont be the same without them. But the real question is; Who's fault is it? A very good question.

Some may think that it's manager Joe Girardi's fault. Joe Torre brought the Yankees to the playoffs thirteen straight times, what's Girardi's problem? Why couldn't he do it? Let's face it, Girardi was handed a team that isn't half as good as Joe Torre's World Series teams. They made it last season, sure, but injuries and old age plagued them this season. So if it's not Girardi's fault, then who's is it?

Some may even blame it on Captain Derek Jeter himself. Jeter didn't have the season we're all used too, but that's no excuse to miss the playoffs. It isn't Jeter's fault, Derek has done everything he could this year to help the Yankees. So if it's not Jeter's fault, then who's is it?

Now here comes most peoples reason: Alex Rodriguez. I'm going to tell you all now, that it is NOT, i repeat, NOT, Alex Rodriguez' fault the New York Yankees are not in the playoffs. Alex missed a month of baseball and still put up MVP type numbers. I know what you're thinking, "But Josh, he crumbles in big situations". So A-Rod is supposed to hit a walk-off home run every game? Maybe if the rest of the team didn't play so terrible all game, they wouldn't need a homerun in the 9th inning, in every game. So it wasn't Girardi, Jeter, or who's fault was it?

The pitching staff? Maybe. Maybe if Yankee ace Chien-Ming Wang didn't miss more than half the season due to an injury while running bases, they would've made the playoffs. Maybe if young stud Joba Chamberlain didn't miss the end of the season during the Yankees' big playoff push, they would've made it. Maybe if Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy lived up to the hype, they would've made it. Maybe if Andy Pettite didn't play like an old has been all season...they would've made it. So, if the Yankees pitching was so deplorable this year, why didn't they fix it? That's probably what you're thinking. And that my friends brings me to the reason that the Yankees did not make the playoffs...are you ready?

Brian Cashman.

Remember when the Yankees could havegotten Johan Santana but didn't want to give away Hughes or Kennedy? General Manager Brian Cashman refused to do it. Great move Brian. Good thing we kept them huh? Worked out real well. Hey how much money are the Yankees paying old washups like Giambi and Abreau? Another great move by Cashman. Cashman thought he was building a super-team, but in actuality, he was building a team destined for defeat. When Wang went down, and the pitching wasn't looking so hot, wouldn't you make a move for some good pitching? Not Brian Cashman, he stuck it out for some odd reason. Instead he goes and gets Xavier Nady, honestly a great move, big addition to the lineup. But that doesn't help the pitching rotation. Then he goes and wastes time and gets Pudge Rodriguez? Jose Molina is better. I realize Pudge is a future Hall of Famer, but he's past his prime. Still, where's the pitching help Brian?

Instead of getting good solid young pitchers, Cashman spends the Yankees money on guys like, Jason Giambi, Bobby Abreau, Johnny Damon, and Pudge Rodriguez. All of them are great players, but past their prime. John is still a great leadoff man, but he just can't play the field anymore. Abreau might be the worst outfielder in baseball and when he goes into a slump, watch out, it's going to be really bad. Giambi hits a lot of homeruns, and had a huge rebound season this year, but they don't need guys like him. Come on Brian, build the team from the ground up like they used to do, don't just go and buy every "good" player who's available. Next season, if the Yankees re-sign Bob Abreau, Giambi and's going to be another long season.

The Yankees have the highest payroll in the major leagues... and no playoffs? Sounds like a big waste of money...who's fault would that be?

Brian Cashman.

Stop signing old players for HUGE amounts of money.There's no reason for it. Brian Cashman needs to lose his job as Yankees' General Manager as soon as possible.

You heard it here folks. The reason the New York Yankees didn't make the playoffs isn't because of Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter, or Alex Rodriguex. The Yankees didn't make the playoffs because of one man...

Brian Cashman.