2008 ALL MLB Team

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2008 ALL MLB Team

 Most sports have an All decade team or something like that , but I have never seen one for the MLB and I am not talking about the NL or AL but the  'ALL' teams. The all-stars of the all-stars if you will. Here is my line up of the 2008 All MLB team.


Matt Holiday-LF

Ichiro Suzuki-CF

Vladmir Guerrero-RF

Manny Ramirez- Bench Outfielder

Josh Hamilton-Bench Outfielder


1B-Albert Pujols

2B-Dustin Pedroia

3B-Chipper Jones

SS-Hanley Ramirez ( it kills me to not put Jeter on here)

C-Joe Mauer

Bench infielders:

SS-Derek Jeter

2B-Ian Kinsler

3B-Evan Longoria

1B-Kevin Youkilis

C-Giovanni Soto

Pitchers:-not in any perticular order

C.C Sabathia

Carlos Zambrano

Brandon Webb

Tim Lincecum

Mike Mussina


Francisco Rodriguez

Brad Lidge

Carlos Marmol


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