Auburn Football 2011: Tigers' Spring Training Defensive Preview

Kevin McGradySenior Writer IMarch 2, 2011

One area where the 2010 Auburn Tigers showed steady improvement in 2010 was the defensive front seven. It was likely their play that contributed the most in the defeat of Oregon. Five players from that front seven have moved on for 2011.

With spring practice scheduled to begin on March 28 and the A-Day game scheduled for April 16, it is time to look at the possible replacements for some of the players that moved on. It appears Auburn will be able to fill the gaps and keep the momentum headed in a positive direction for the defense.

Information from this article was compiled from multiple sources and based on no inside information.  


Some Observations

Looking at the tentative roster there are a few areas that seem to have the potential to improve in 2011. There is also one area that might suffer a step back in 2011.

The position of defensive tackle was a marked strong point of the 2010 Auburn defense. There was good production against the run and excellent pressure applied against the pass. Expect the strong performance against the rush to continue in 2011, but there could be a step back in pressure against the pass from this position.

Defensive End should be an area of improvement in 2011. Auburn will field the deepest and most talented group of players at this position in quite some time.

Linebacker play should remain solid and continue to improve with the season. Extra depth will overcome the loss of starting experience.

The safety position has the potential to be strong on the 2011 Auburn team. Both the talent and depth is upgraded for this position.

For the first time in some years, the Auburn defense will be deep at cornerback with exceptional talent. This position has the potential to show the biggest improvement on the 2011 Auburn defense.

Auburn now has the right combination of players and the talent level to go multiple on defense. The looks and scheme of the Auburn defense could become more complex for the 2011 season.

With added height, speed and talent in the Auburn defensive backfield, pass defense looks to be an area of vast improvement. It is likely that Auburn will continue to key on the run and this will continue to put pressure on the defensive secondary, the added depth, speed and talent should prevent this from being exploited as much in 2011.

Following is a tentative depth chart for the spring 2011 Auburn defense. The heights and weights are estimations from the best information available. Hopefully such information will be upgraded during the spring practice cycle. All indications are that the Auburn team is experiencing good results from the winter strength and conditioning cycle.


Defensive Tackle

Jeffrey Whitaker, sophomore, 6’3” 305 pounds

Kenneth Carter, sophomore, 6’5” 287 pounds

Derrick Lykes, junior, 6’2” 290 pounds

Jamar Travis, junior, 6’0” 285 pounds

Summer Additions

Gabe Wright, freshman, 6’3” 275 pounds

Angelo Blackson, freshman, 6’5” 295 pounds


Defensive End

Corey Lemonier, sophomore, 6’4” 237 pounds

Nosa Eguae, sophomore, 6’2” 258 pounds

Dee Ford, junior, 6’4” 240 pounds

Joel Bonomolo, junior, 6’3” 245 pounds

Justin Delaine, freshman, 6’5” 243 pounds

Summer Additions

Devaunte Sigler, freshman, 6’4” 247 pounds

Jabrian Niles (DE/DT), freshman, 6’2” 270 pounds

Kemiya Harrell, freshman, 6’5” 240 pounds


Inside Linebacker

Jake Holland, sophomore, 6’0” 235 pounds

Harris Gaston, sophomore, 6’1” 235 pounds

Ladarius Owens, freshman, 6’2” 236 pounds (can play outside as well)

Summer Additions

Chris Landrum, freshman, 6’3” 215 poundsneth Carter, sophomore, 6'6'od results from the winter strength and conditioning cycle.

 cycle. All indications are that the


Outside Linebacker

ElToro Freeman, senior, 5’11” 225 pounds

Jonathan Evans, junior, 5’11” 230 pounds

Daren Bates, junior, 5’11” 215 pounds

Jessel Curry, sophomore, 6’1” 215 pounds

Jawara White, freshman, 6’1” 243 pounds (medical issues)

Summer Additions

Kris Frost, freshman, 6’3” 210 pounds (could also play receiver)

Justin Garret, freshman, 6’2” 185 pounds

Anthony Swain, freshman, 6’3” 215 pounds



Mike McNeil, senior, 6’2” 208 pounds

Demetrus McNeal, sophomore, 6’1” 180 pounds

Ryan Smith, sophomore, 6’1” 183 pounds

Ikeem Means, junior, 6’0” 204 pounds

Summer Additions

Erique Florence, freshman, 6’2” 180 pounds

Robenson Therezie, freshman, 5’10” 180 pounds



T’Sharvan Bell, junior, 6’0” 180 pounds

Neiko Thorpe, senior, 6’2” 186 pounds

Chris Davis, sophomore, 5’10” 182 pounds

Ryan White, sophomore, 5’10” 186 pounds

Jonathan Mincy, freshman, 5’10” 180 pounds

Jonathan Rose, freshman, 6’2” 170 pounds

Summer Additions

Jermaine Whitehead, freshman, 6’0” 177 pounds (could play offense)

Auburn will be very solid and have good depth at every defensive position in 2011. Freshmen will likely have the most potential to make an impact at corner and defensive tackle.


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