American League Central......Whose It Gonna Be?

mike swensonContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

 The Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox have been battling for first place, since early in the season. With just one game left, two teams still standing, and one playoff spot remaining, baseball fans are at the edge of their seats.

Minnesota came into their last series against the Sox 2 1/2 out of first place, and with a three games sweep at the Metrodome, regained the top spot with just three games left. Since then the Twins haven't been able to get into a rhythm. They have dropped two straight games at home to the Royals opening the doors for the Sox to climb back on top.

However, the slumping Sox just can’t find a way to get a W. Since getting Swept against Minnesota, they went back home to face the Cleveland Indians. The Sox, in the most critical week of the season has now dropped five straight. The two teams in the American League Central that have been red hot as of late are the Royals and Indians and they will try to continue their surge tomorrow when the two teams try and sweep the top two teams in the Central.

If Minnesota wins tomorrow and Chicago loses the Twins will be the ALCD Champs. If Chicago wins tomorrow and Minnesota loses, Chicago will have a make-up game against the Tigers and if they win they will be the ALCD Champs. If they lose, they have a tiebreaking game against the Twins, winner makes the playoffs. If both teams win or if both lose tomorrow, Chicago has a must win game against the Tigers to keep their playoff hopes alive, and then would face Minnesota in Chicago for a one game playoff spot.

Before the 2008 baseball season started, analysts predicted the Tigers and Indians to be atop the Central Division. As baseball is so unpredictable, neither of these teams will be playing in October. The surprising Twins and Sox have played great baseball all year and both are hoping to be in the playoffs this year. With the Red Sox clinching the Wild Card this isn’t possible. So who will it be, with both teams struggling in their final three games of the season, it will come down to the wire. Now this is what baseball is all about folks.