Philadelphia Flyers Close Out the Spectrum

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

Today's preseason game for the Flyers at the Spectrum was special—this was the last NHL game played in the Wachovia Spectrum.

The Flyers put on a great spectacle by honoring the former captains who accepted the offer to attend the festivities. It was a real treat to see the likes of Bobby Clarke, Ed Van Impe, and recent captain in Keith Primeau don the retro orange jerseys to a sellout crowd.

The Flyers realized how much this game meant to all their fans—past, present, and future. That is why when Philadelphians think about a local team who really cares about their fans, number one is the Flyers.

The Spectrum has meant to so much to millions of fans over the past 31 years, bringing in two Stanley Cups and an NBA Championship. In case Philadelphia fans have forgot, the Spectrum is the only arena left here that has won a major championship. It will turn to rubble and dust in a matter of months, and all that will be left are the memories that the Spectrum will leave us with.

The crowd was greeted with a beautiful rendition of our national anthem from Lauren Hart and Kate Smith, whose names are both etched in the walls and memories of every Flyers fan throughout their history.

We don't really even have to bring up the win by the Flyers.  It's enough just to sit and think about everyone and anyone who has ever sat in the Spectrum, and wonder what it was like during those glory years.

When that building goes down next summer, it will take with it a piece of every Flyers and Sixers fan that has ever walked into that building.  Almost like a family member you grew up with, it will never be forgotten, only loved and cherished in the bottom of our sports hearts.