Hope for a Speedy Recovery for Rey Maualuga

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

During Thursday night’s epic disaster in Oregon, USC fans’ desperation intensified when Trojan linebacker Rey Maualuga left with a knee injury that is now being referred to as a “sprain.”

A sprained knee can mean a number of things, with none of them very good.

However, even Coach Pete Carroll is taking the positive approach, noting that the knee did not swell up.

Yet, it is severe enough to send Maualuga to the MRI. That test is set to take place Monday, but for Trojan and Maualuga fans, Monday cannot come soon enough.

I’ve had experience with so-called knee strains on both knees. Each time, I came out on crutches and contemplated surgery, which I never had and which may explain why I can’t run anymore.

Although I do not personally know Maualuga, he hails from the same high school I attended in the 1970s. I also managed a daily newspaper that closely followed his collegiate career.

Thus, I have followed him, hoping he makes it to the big time.

He’s a good young man who has been through a lot. Not too many players suffer the loss of their father right before a Rose Bowl.

One side of Maualuga that people do not often see amid all the hype of sports writing is his “soft” side that was demonstrated when he wore, under his right eye in white letters, “RIP,” and under his left eye, “Dad.”

Let’s hope his injury is a minor setback; or, if it’s a serious injury, let’s hope he can recover and have a productive NFL career.

He deserves it.