Bye Week: Blessing For The Colts

Trever RobyContributor IApril 10, 2017

After the Colts have a disappointing record of 1-2, they'll enter their bye week. The Colts never have been under .500 entering a bye week since Tony Dungy has coached them. There is, however, a little difference from years past. The Colts entered the last three bye weeks unbeaten and on their way to records of 13-0, 9-0 and 7-0.

“You see the same things,” Dungy said. “We just had more probably little breakdowns that caused us to be 1-2 rather than 3-0. You see the same things and it just reinforces what you always believe – that if you’re doing the little things very well, you’re winning games and it usually is those little things that cause you to stumble when you do lose.”

The Colts practiced Wednesday, Thursday and take the weekend off. They will practice Monday, and then after an off Tuesday, full practices for their October 5th game at Houston. According to Tony Dungy, the bye will went really well for the Colts, just as expected from years past.

“It really was a good week from my standpoint,” Dungy said Thursday morning after the second of two bye week practices at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center.

A bye week isn't all about long football practices, or even at times; about football at all. After the news of Matt Bryant, kicked one game for Colts in 2004, loosing his infant son, Tony Dungy is urging the team to get their mind off football, relax, and concentrate on what's important in life. Family.

"Matt was with us one game. We have a lot of guys on the team who know him, but many guys who didn’t. He had a three-month old boy that didn’t wake up. I just urged our guys, ‘Hey, take these three days. You don’t get them during the season very often. Be around your family. Be around people you love. Enjoy them. Don’t take them for granted.’ Whether we’re 3-0, 0-3, this is three days for them to really enjoy with their families.”