Maize and Blue: Might As Well Be Night and Day

Corey McSweeneyAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

Well, The Office is back, and so are the Wolverines.


Amazing. What an amazing game to watch. I have wanted to believe all season the Wolverines weren't as bad as people are saying, that they are on the decline, Rich Rodriguez was a bad hire, all of that. I didn't want to believe it.


And now I don't have to.


Rodriguez has proven he is a good coach, even with players that do not fit his system. Even though he has shown before he can adapt (Clemson and Tulane) people still did not think he could do anything with Michigan this year. You have to got to start giving him some credit. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Lloyd Carr would be 2-2 at this point, and remember, that would be with Ryan Mallett, Justin Boren, and a few guys in the NFL right now who wouldn't have left early. Rodriguez is a great coach, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


Now I'm not going to freak out and say this is the biggest upset ever, but you can't tell me it isn't a huge victory. Wisconsin is a top 10 team, and did you see the second half? Fabulous. 27 unanswered points for the Wolverines until the final TD for Wisconsin. (By the way, what was that? I had started writing this thing before Wisconsin scored again, thinking it was basically wrapped up the way Michigan's D was playing. Shows how much I know.)


Granted, the game was at home, but it's still an impressive victory. Raise your hand if picked it correctly. I'll bet you two Stanley nickels (or 500 Schrute bucks) your hand is still in your pocket.


Did anyone think that Rodriguez would be starting so many freshman? Not just giving them playing time, actually STARTING them. And can you give me one who hasn't impressed? I know Minor, Brown and Grady are good RB's, but McGuffie is special. Not many coaches would have the guts to play so many true freshman right away, and it looks like it might pay off.


If you had to point to one area that doomed the team last year, it was defense. This year, they're GOOD. They're all back from last year, and better. The defense is reminding me of the 2006 team, with Jamison playing the role of LaMarr Woodley, and Donovan Warren as Leon Hall the second. I'm really excited to watch this defense going forward, especially against the predictable Big Ten offenses.


Michigan struggled mightily through 3 games and a half to start off the year. I have a feeling those struggles might not be as bad from this point on.


And there's still more Offices to come too.