God Wears Black and Gold

AshleyContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

So here I am on a Saturday night...sitting on my couch...watching top ranked teams fall like bombs on Hiroshima. 

First, No. 1 USC pulls a Mamma Cass. I guess Oregon State is their equivalent of a big ham sandwich (or maybe beaver sandwich).

Next, Ole Miss must have been hiding some Kryptonite somewhere, because Florida's Superman (Tebow) was rendered ineffective. 

And now, I watch as Michigan slams the door in Wisconsin's face. I said good day sir! The second greatest comeback in Michigan history. 

And there's still more potential upsets to come this evening!  

So...tomorrow's poll is going to have more dropouts than a southeast Missouri high school: 

1. USC...ham sandwich.

2. Oklahoma...in progress, though they just scored a touchdown on their first possession so they look to be safe.

3. Georgia...yet to play

4. Florida...Kryptonite

5. LSU... I think they play Mississippi State...well if Ole Miss can do it, why the hell not the dogs? 

6. Missouri...Idle

7. Texas...En route to roasting the hogs. 

8. Wisconsin...donzo. 

9. Texas Tech...Idle

10. Alabama...Playing No. 3 later tonight

Surely God must wear black and gold, he's systematically eliminating all that stands between Missouri and No. 1...and Chase Daniel's Heisman competition along with them.

What a weekend.