NFL Combine Results 2011: Is Ryan Mallett This Year's Jimmy Clausen?

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NFL Combine Results 2011: Is Ryan Mallett This Year's Jimmy Clausen?
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In an earlier article, I argued that Ryan Mallett could be this year's Jimmy Clausen—sliding down the draft board because of questionable intangibles and off-field issues.

Post-Combine Comments

After the combine, Ryan Mallett proved to me that he is not going to be the next Jimmy Clausen.

He confirmed that he is a great passer with a big arm and that his athletic abilities aren't great—but he knows what kind of quarterback he's going to be and models himself after the likes of Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers who, like him, are pure pocket passers.

What's more, I think he stood out as both a mature and humble guy who can handle the press and scrutiny of his alleged off-field issues.

From what has come out, rumor has it, he interviewed really well (as opposed to Clausen in 2010) and showed great insight into the X's and O's on the board.

Is he a top 10 prospect? Probably not, unless a team falls in love with him.

Is he a first round talent? Yes.

Will he last past the 2nd round? No.

Where will Mallett go?

Where will Ryan Mallet go ?

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While I don't think he'll go in the top 10, I do think Mallett could be a nice fit for a couple of teams.

In the first round

The Vikings with the 12th pick is one option, although it would be a reach here. The Dolphins with the 15th pick and the Jaguars with the 16th pick are two other options.

Each of them have a solid offensive line, a good running game and established receivers.

In the second round

The Bengals could take Mallett with the 35th overall pick. The Titans with the 39th pick are another option, as are the Redskins with the 41st and the Vikings again with the 43rd.

Except for the Redskins, these teams all have solid offenses and would be able to immediately insert Mallett as their starter.

In addition, I would think Mike Shanahan would probably want a more mobile quarterback—but if Kyle Shanahan is calling it, Mallett would fit his idea of a pocket passer.

The Wild Card

If the Patriots are looking for the next Tom Brady, Ryan Mallett could be a guy Belichick would go after in the 2nd round—developing him for a couple of years behind Brady (like Rodgers did behind Favre) could be great for both Mallett and the Patriots.

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