African players dominating premier league

Orimogunje DamilolaContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

The Premier league is one of the prestigious league in the world,it is a league which comprises of the best players in the cosmos.In the early history of the English league;white players are considered the most appropriate footballers to feature in the league.There is a preferential treatment which is based on racial discrimination,this also happened till the early 90s which is quite deplorable

Incredibly,this racial segregation attitude currently is fading away,maybe due to the fact that civilization is rapidly increasing.In the premier league currently the African players are seems to be occupying even the major role in different clubs,in my own opinion and perceptive i think this is a great achievement.In big clubs like the so called the "fantastic four",African names has been featuring in this clubs,examples are Nigerian midfielder John Obi Mikel,Ivorian compatriot Salomon Kalou and Didier Drogba,also is Michael Essien of Ghana.These are players who plays for Chelsea football club.Also in Arsenal Fc is the two Ivorian Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue,also is Emmanuel Adebayor the Togolese striker,this also include The Cameroun youngster Alexandria Song.

All in a nutshell there are now many African players playing in many clubs in the league which some of them are even wearing the captain's handband,albeit there are still some discrimination which mostly involves the fans but i believe someday this will also be eradicated.

So therefore viewing this African players chances of playing in the premier league are unarguably scintillating and an immense achievement in football which mostly not thought of by people even football journalist