WWE Needs to Put Alex Riley Back with Miz Before WrestleMania

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMarch 1, 2011

Alex Riley
Alex Riley

Alex Riley needs to be "rehired."

On Monday Night Raw this week, we saw Alex Riley battling John Cena inside a steel cage match in the main event.

If the former NXT contestant loses, then he will be fired from his position as the right hand man of the Miz. The end of the match saw Cena hurling his body outside to the arena floor.

Riley was then "fired."

This is a decision that needs to be reversed. Riley needs to be put back with The Miz, and it needs to happen as early as next Monday night.

Riley can't stand on his own yet. Management has done a good job of giving him television time on a weekly basis, which has given him exposure.

However, they have not given him credibility. Without it, he won't be able to move up the ladder all that well.

Miz can stand on his own. But he's able to generate a little more heel heat with Riley doing some of the dirty work for him.

Plus, the creative department has plenty of more options when it comes to scripting dirty finishes in his title defenses.

The Smackdown writers have been bringing people back after "firing" them on a weekly basis. The Raw writers need to do the same thing with Riley.


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