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Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. the San Antonio Spurs: This Might Be Ugly

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Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. the San Antonio Spurs: This Might Be Ugly
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Not much has gone right this year for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and, well, more stuff continues to go wrong.

Just as soon as the Cavs gain some momentum with a 3-3 stretch of games, they lose their best player, Antawn Jamison, for possibly the whole season with a broken pinkie.

Jamison chose to get it operated on now instead of waiting for later. I certainly can't blame him. Going to work every day for the Cavs has to have been a struggle this season. Basketball just isn't as fun when you lose. He might as well get the surgery done now and get ready for next year.

As for the Cavs, now they get to play the 49-10 Spurs tomorrow.

That isn't David vs. Goliath. That's David's little sister vs. Goliath.

And even if this Cavaliers squad can manage to keep this one close, it's highly unlikely that they will be able to get a victory. They've had a dismal record in close games this year, and losing their go-to player might hinder their ability to score down the stretch even further.

This latest development will have sports fans wondering if there's any worse place to be right now than on the Cleveland Cavaliers roster.

I think Baron Davis might agree that Cleveland is about as bad as it gets.

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