Redskins May Give Cowboys More Than They Can Handle.

Stephen AnglissAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

How quickly things can be forgotten. Last January, the Patriots were the undefeated juggernaut that was going to the Super Bowl. One upset loss and an untimely injury later, the New England Patriots are now nothing more than than a victim of mediocrity. It looked like the NFL needed a new hero so they decided to choose none other than the must over-rated superstar team in history, the Dallas Cowboys.

As the Cowboys stand 3-0 many people are already crowning them the team to beat in the Super Bowl. However, there is one problem. Many people seem to overlook that the Cowboys are in the hardest NFL division in decades with one particular team that they are most vulnerable to. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the greatest rivalry in all of sports: The Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins. If the Cowboys are as good as they seem right now they very well might go somewhere, but this Sunday against the Redskins the Cowboys will face a force that they might not know how to handle.

When the Redskins kicked off the 08 NFL season against the Giants things did not look good. The defense was mediocre while the offense was inept, and what was even worse was that Jim Zorn sometimes seemed to not know what he was doing, especially in the last two minutes of the game. However, the next week against the Saints, Jason Campbell kicked it up to jump start one the best offenses in the league that has gone off on an impressive run to achieve two victories in a row. If there is one word to describe how the Redskins have played lately it would be solid. The defense has been good, the run game has been good, and the passing game has been great. In fact, Tony Romo only leads Jason Campbell in the QB rating by two points with 103. The give and take ratio of these two teams is also heavily in Washington's favor with Romo already throwing three interceptions while Campbell has thrown none. The Redskins defense has also gained four interceptions while the Cowboys have none. 

So why is everyone saying that this is the Cowboys game to win? It seems as if the Redskins offense is just as good as Dallas' and their defense seems even better. It also helps that the Redskins will do all things neccesary to beat this team. To Redskins Nation this is their SuperBowl, or at least to the fans anyway. If it weren't for the fact that that Jason Taylor was out this week, it would seem that the Redskins have a very good chance to win. Have we all forgotten what the Redskins did to the Cowboys when the stakes are high? It was week 17 when Washington handed Dallas a 24-3 defeat to go to the playoffs. In would just love to see what will happen this week when the Redskins play the Cowboys in the last game in Texas stadium. 

For the Redskins, the motto this week is, "The '0' must go". The Redskins must prove this week that they can win on the road, that they can beat a division team, and that the Dallas Cowboys are vulnerable. This upcoming game is equal to that of that Patriots and Colts last season. It could decide the fate of both teams, for better or for worse.