NBA Power Rankings: Blake Griffin and the Top 10 Rookies in Basketball

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2011

NBA Power Rankings: Blake Griffin and the Top 10 Rookies in Basketball

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    Blake Griffin is absolutely dominating in the NBA right now.

    He has grown a tremendous fan base, not only from Los Angeles, but nationwide. His all-star dunk over the car during the Slam Dunk Competition probably would have won him the Rookie of the Year award all by itself.

    While Griffin is already a top-notch NBA player, he isn't the only rookie who has made noise this year.

No. 10. Timofey Mozgov: Denver Nuggets

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    Timofey Mozgov was one of the pieces that helped bring Carmelo Anthony to New York.

    Mozgov had a good stretch last week, but hasn't played many minutes recently. Still, he has provided some decent minutes off the bench this season when he gets the chance and will be a decent player in the future.

No. 9. Ed Davis: Toronto Raptors

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    Ed Davis has been playing better the second half of the season and is averaging 6.5 points and 6.6 rebounds for the Toronto Raptors.

    He had a streak of three games in a row where he pulled down at least 13 rebounds. He has the potential to be a good big man in the NBA, but he still has a lot of work to do.

No. 8. Gary Neal: San Antonio Spurs

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    Gary Neal has scored ten points or more in the last five games he's played for the Spurs.

    Although he is only playing less then 20 minutes a game, Neal is still making a solid impact. The Spurs need contributions from him if they want to contend in the playoffs.

No. 7. Evan Turner: Philadelphia 76ers

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    Turner is still a work in progress for the Sixers, but he may eventually turn out to be as good in the NBA as he was in college.

    In his last five games, Turner has scored double-digits in three of them, and looks to be having a better second half. Still, the Sixers are invested in him, and will give him enough minutes to help him progress as an athlete.

No. 6. Paul George: Indiana Pacers

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    George has only recently started to perform at a high level, and is averaging eight points a game.

    He still isn't a star on the Pacers, but he is becoming a key role player, and is a top rookie in the NBA.

No. 5. Greg Monroe: Detroit Pistons

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    In his last five games, Monroe has gotten at least ten points and ten rebounds in all five.

    Monroe leads the Pistons in double-doubles and is looking like he will be a solid player in the NBA. Although Detroit hasn't been playing well as a team, Monroe is still a bright spot in the slumping franchise.

No. 4. Landry Fields: New York Knicks

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    Although he was once rumored to be a part of the deal that brought Carmelo Anthony to NY, Fields now gets to play alongside the all-star.

    He may be one of the biggest rookie surprises in the NBA, and he is averaging nearly 10 points a game, and seven rebounds. Fields will be a key player down the stretch if the Knicks hope to make a run at a top spot in the Eastern Conference.

No. 3. DeMarcus Cousins: Sacramento Kings

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    The combination of Cousins and John Wall destroyed the Sophomores in the Rookie Challenge that took place during the All-Star Game.

    Cousins is playing great for the Kings, who look as if they will get a top draft pick once again. He is averaging 13.6 points and 8.2 rebounds and is looking to revamp the franchise along with teammate Tyreke Evans.

No. 2. John Wall: Washington Wizards

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    Wall got a record number of assists, 22, in the Rookie Challenge. He has performed almost as well all season long, and averages nine assists with 15.4 points per game.

    Wall isn't playing on as good of a team as he was in college, and isn't always the best player on the floor which doesn't help his production. Still, he has the potential that everyone saw in him when he was taken first overall in last years NBA draft.

No. 1. Blake Griffin: Los Angeles Clippers

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    This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

    Blake Griffin is tearing the NBA up and is a lock to bring home the Rookie of the Year Award.

    Griffin is averaging almost 23 points a game, with 12.5 rebounds. He has already become the face of the Clippers, and looks to become an elite player in the NBA.