Playoffs On My Mind

Evan FullerContributor ISeptember 27, 2008

Usually, this is a very conflicting time of year for me.  Baseball is heading into the playoffs and football is in a critical time.  The first four weeks of football are a little muddled, trying to find out who's for real and who's competing for draft picks.  

It could be the injuries this year; could be that my Kansas City Chiefs look like a decent JV football team...  However, I have no interest in the NFL right now.  I'm counting down to the playoffs.

In November of 2007, I relocated here to Chicago.  I live on the north side about 10 blocks north of Wrigley Field.  I had never been to a game there and when baseball season started, I had my ticket to opening day.  Sat through two hours of rain delay and probably 45 degree temperatures to watch that game.  I eventually went to about 12 games this year.  

I must be clear not to mis-place my loyalties.  I am a Red Sox fan through and through. However, the Cubs provided me a live baseball outlet I've never really had.  Being able to walk up at game time, buy a ticket and walk right in is the greatest feeling in the world.

And the story lines this year have been fantastic.  Tampa Bay and their rise to glory. The Yankees not making the playoffs for the 14th straight time and the last season at Yankee Stadium.  The Cubs and Pinella making such a dramatic turn around over the last few seasons.  Manny and Nomar launching themselves into the playoffs by the managing genius of Joe Torre.  It's unbelievable how many great stories there are going into this years post season.  

As you sit back on Wednesday this week and turn on game one, just remember what a wild ride it's been to get here.  All eight teams have played their hearts out to be here. They deserve their shot at the pennet.  There are only two to go around, but whoever wins them will be quite deserving.  I'm sure of it.