Jose Reyes: The Perfect Trade for the New York Mets To Consider at the Deadline

Sam SiegelContributor IIMarch 1, 2011

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 15:  Jose Reyes #7 of the New York Mets fields a ball against the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 15, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The New York Mets had a very disappointing 2010 season due to all of the injuries they suffered, with Jason Bay, Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana and Jose Reyes all missing significant time last year.  The Mets do have talent and the ability to make a playoff run.  The projected 2011 lineup looks like this:

1. SS Jose Reyes

2. CF Angel Pagan

3. 3B David Wright

4. RF Carlos Beltran

5. LF Jason Bay

6. 1B Ike Davis

7. 2B Daniel Murphy or Luis Castillo

8. C Josh Thole

Talent-wise, that lineup is not bad at all.  And who knows, if the Mets stay healthy this year, they could make a potential run at the Wild Card. 

However, there have been talks that if Jose Reyes gets off to a hot start this year, he may be dealt at the trade deadline.  It would be sad for all Mets fans to see Reyes be traded away, but the Mets most likely will not have the money to re-sign him. 

With that being said, the team that would be a great fit for Reyes is the Tampa Bay Rays.  They have a very solid farm system with a lot of good prospects.  But, the one prospect who stands out the most is Jeremy Hellickson.  Hellickson started a few games for the Rays last year and pitched great.  He's a future star in this league and would be a perfect trade target for the Mets. 

Here's my proposed deal between the two teams:

Rays get: Jose Reyes

Mets get: Jeremy Hellickson, Sean Rodriguez, Matt Joyce

That is a perfect deal for both sides.  The Mets would have a very solid pitching staff, and the Rays would be one of the top-five teams in the American League. 

The only question is, would the Rays be able to afford Jose Reyes?  If they can, this would be a perfect trade.  The Rays would still have a very solid pitching staff with David Price, James Shields, Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis. 

The Mets would get a solid replacement for Reyes in Sean Rodriguez and a huge upgrade to their pitching staff. 

If the Mets are looking to deal Reyes during the season, they should consider this deal.