World Football in Europe: The Attackers Defenders Hate to Face

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IIMarch 24, 2011

World Football in Europe: The Attackers Defenders Hate to Face

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    Defenders in world football do not always enjoy taking on any attacker during games. Some front men in fact appear to be too energetic. So much so that attempting to contain them requires a lot of skills and experience.

    In Europe, top clubs have great advantages in their attacks, as they possess some of the best front players in the sport.

    This is especially true in Spain and England, and in this slideshow, we'll look at 10 dangerous players who have the ability to trouble defenders of any level.

    Note: The following slides are not organized by rankings.

Samuel Eto'o

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    Samuel Eto'o is still a player to fear, in some ways. His flexibility enables him to run almost anywhere and anyhow in the danger zone, and when he gets a chance on goal, it is highly probable that he will place the ball at the back of the net.

    He so far has 19 goals and 6 assists in 27 league starts for Inter Milan this season, and he shares the No.1 spot in the Champions League's goalscoring chart with Bayern Munich's Mario Gomez, and Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Aaron Lennon

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    With this attacker, statistics are not what we should rely on. Aaron Lennon is still a perfect combination of power and dribbling skills. Although he lacks of accuracy in his shots, he may still be regarded as a deadly winger.

    Seeing him take on defenders and crossing with no trouble can easily evoke glimpses of magnificent moves performed by some of football's biggest names from the past.

Mario Gomez

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    In 25 appearances so far for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, the vigorous Mario Gomez has netted 19 goals. As one of the most efficient strikers in the UEFA Champions League this season, it would certainly be pointless to omit him from a list gathering the deadliest attackers from top flights in Europe.

    Gomez is also known for his aggression, which has pushed him to commit 27 fouls in the league and collect a yellow card.

    A bit of decency exercise might be needed by the German forward, but overall, one cannot doubt his capabilities on the field.


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    Having exhibited his unbelievable power and accuracy in long range shots on several occasions in the past, Nani is definitely not a player you would want to underestimate. Presumably, it is useless to remind how impressive the young Portuguese winger is when it comes to dribbling.

    Teasing, twisting, manhandling and pacing away from defenders are just some of his wonderful abilities. Crossing, chesting balls down, passing and shooting could well form the rest of his persona.

Carlos Tevez

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    To contain Carlos Tevez, a lot of physical strength is required. The Argentine might only weight 67kg, but he is clearly not a “weak” player.

    Relentlessness plays a key role in his success as one of his qualities, but it is more his blistering shots and rapid movements that have made him the “Tasmanian Devil” that he is now.

    To all defenders, beware...

Antonio Di Natale

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    Facing this man is a big challenge. Although he is not as much in the spotlight as other top strikers in the Premier League and La Liga, Antonio Di Natale's productive efforts cannot be undervalued.

    With 25 goals in 29 appearances, he is currently the top scorer of the Italian Serie A—a league containing the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Samuel Eto'o.

    Speaking of team play, he does not look too selfish either, as he can boast of seven assists in the league.

Luis Suarez

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    We will have to forget about the "Hand of the Devil" for a moment to acknowledge Luis Suarez's talent. The former Ajax star is still new in the Liverpool world, but he is already the club's greatest weapon in front.

    His fantastic moves inside the 18-yard box against Manchester United on March 6 completely sealed his prominence, and luckily for fans of the Reds, they apparently have much more to expect from the Uruguay striker.


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    Do not be surprised to see Hulk in this list; this forward has 100 percent accuracy in his strikes.

    In 22 league starts for FC Porto, he has made 20 shots on goal among which 20 have been on target, and through which he has earned 20 goals. Isn't that breathtaking?

    There is a reason to wonder how many strikers could repeat this record—whether in the Portuguese Liga or anywhere else.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    When Cristiano Ronaldo prepares to strike during a match, there is nothing less than fear and pressure in the heart of the opposing goalkeeper.

    The Real Madrid superstar is a very accurate winger with a complex style of play—knowing how to cross, convert from the spot, execute free-kicks, and incontestably, his speed is one of his great assets.

    Ronaldo presently has 27 goals in La Liga in 27 starts, and surely, this record shows how good and dangerous he is.

Lionel Messi

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    Lionel Messi has one of the most impressive records among forwards in Europe. With 27 goals and 16 assists in 26 starts for Barcelona so far in La Liga, his outstanding attacking talent is simply undeniable.

    Messi is also joint top scorer of the UEFA Champions League along with Inter Milan’s Samuel Eto’o and Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez with eight goals.

    When it comes to penalties, dribbling and through balls, he is arguably the master. Perhaps, a lot of clubs would have enjoyed having him their squads, but matching his price tag would be another issue.