HOT READ: Joe Paterno On Equal Opportunities For Women Athletics

Ryan GaydosSenior Analyst ISeptember 27, 2008

I was at my family's town-wide yard sale in New Jersey when I found a newspaper article about Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

In a story from the Daily Bulletin, a New Jersey newspaper, on Dec. 6, 1974, Joe Paterno said that "he is against awarding scholarships to women athletes." He also said that "women should learn from our mistakes."

He said that by not offering women scholarships, it would save money to bring back one platoon for the 25-man roster football team.

I find this article interesting; for one this article is from 1974, and then this is about Joe Paterno. I never heard that Joe Paterno didn't believe in equality when it comes to colleges giving athletic scholarships to women.

In this same time, former Arkansas head coach Frank Boyles wanted Congress to defeat what Paterno called "this opportunity thing."

I really don't know if anyone has heard about this, but everyone should take note. Penn State takes on Illinois today at 8 p.m.