College Morning Picks: It's Division One Football!

Nino CollaSenior Writer ISeptember 27, 2008

As my father would say, "Now we're cooking with fire."

I don't know any other way you could cook, to be honest with you.

I'm feeling pretty good after last week. In all five games, I wasn't really sure as far as a given winner. One was no contest and the other was a defensive struggle. The one loss was in part to an injury to Tar Heels signal caller T.J. Yates.

Oh, and we found out if Notre Dame was for real. They aren't, in case you were wondering.

So would it be wrong of me to pick on the Fighting Irish once again? I mean, pile on Notre Dame, why don't we?

I'll try and avoid it, but if I can't find enough games, I'm inclined to do so.

Last Week: 4-1

Overall: 12-10


SEC Bounce Back: Tennessee @ Auburn

Auburn is coming off a last-minute loss to a bitter rival as of late. They are at home, angry, focused, and they get another SEC team that is just flailing about.

Tennessee is coming off a brutal beatdown at the hands of Florida on their own turf. They've lost to UCLA, and Phil Fulmer's seat is allegedly getting hotter with each performance.

Auburn should kick their teeth in, right?

Wrong! This is the typical Tennessee win to save their coach's job. Sure, he probably won't get fired if they lose this game, but if they win it, in the long term his job is a lot more secure.

Tennessee always seems to lose a let-down type of a game, like UCLA in week one. Then they always seem to pull off a few wins they weren't supposed to.

This is one of them.

I'm going to take Tennessee to rebound in a big way and Auburn to let down after their crushing loss.


Go Colorado!: Colorado @ Florida State

Christian Ponder and D'Vontey Richardson were pretty poor last week against Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons have a special defense, so I'm not expecting the same this week from the Seminole offense, but that has to worry Florida State fans.

Colorado, meanwhile, is coming off a huge win over West Virginia on a Thursday night. So they've had some extra time to soak in their win and prepare for Florida's sophomore quarterback combo.

Florida State's offense needs a tune up; I think they get it rolling this week. But I like Cody Hawkins and Colorado over Florida State. I think his dad, Dan Hawkins, has that program on the right track, and their offense is much more polished to win this game.


Sooner Revenge: TCU @ Oklahoma

The first of three ranked games I'll be picking on this lovely Saturday morning. This is a rematch of a few years ago, when TCU upset the Top Ten-ranked Sooners.

While this one is in Norman, TCU has won the last two games they've played there, including that upset in 2005.

There are still some players on this team that got upended in '05, so they have that game in the back of their minds.

This TCU team is dangerous and will make some noise, maybe keep it close, but I think Oklahoma has two things working for them.

One is that revenge factor, and the other is USC's loss. If you don't think the Sooners are going to be jumping to prove they are the best team in the nation, you probably think the Mets’ bullpen is going to survive the weekend.

Look for Oklahoma not only to win, but to win big as they make a very strong case to be the No. 1 team in the nation by pummeling a top 25-ranked TCU squad.


Funeral Game: Alabama @ Georgia

I think this black jersey, funeral chit-chat stuff that is going on between the two teams is comical.

I also think it won't be that big of a deal once the game actually starts.

Both teams are going to be fired up regardless. This has the makings of the contest we saw last week with LSU and Auburn. These are two talented teams that are both going to come out and play football.

There is a small chance of a let down.

That doesn't tell you who I'm picking though, does it?

I'm going to lean in the direction of Georgia for two reasons.

The first one is Knowshon Moreno. Do I really need to explain that one anymore? I mean, he's good!

The second reason is simply put as well. They have a deeper defense. I'm always going to take the better defense in these types of SEC games. Georgia will punish you, and that will overcome any sort of extra fire that the Crimson Tide may have.

I'll take Georgia in a very close one that could turn on a late turnover.


Big Ten Showdown: Illinois @ Penn State

This is going to be a good old-fashioned, Big-10 slugf...Wait.

Spread offense?! Are you kidding me?

Both Illinois and Penn State are operating with athletic quarterbacks who are running some sort of version of the spread.

This isn’t your grandmother's Big-10 "run and then run some more" type of game. This is a lot of offensive firepower, and the new style is the way they do it.

Both teams can put up points, but both teams have good defenses. Given the way Missouri ripped up Illinois, it might not look that way, but the Illini can hang.

However, Penn State's defense is filled with talent, especially at linebacker.

I think the Nittany Lions hold Juice Williams in check to the point where they can score enough. I'll go with Penn State in an exciting late-night Big-10 air show.