Mets drop to tie for Wild Card, Mets lose in 10 Innings, 9-6

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2008
12345678910 R H E
CHC (96-61) 0100401003 9 15 0
NYM (87-71) 0050000100 6 8 1


New York Mets
J Reyes SS5110114.300
D Murphy LF4110113.339
D Wright 3B4111122.300
C Delgado 1B4224102.274
C Beltran CF3010200.280
R Church RF5000024.277
B Schneider C2000000.257
   b-N Evans PH1000011.262
   R Castro C2000015.245
A Reyes 2B3010011.218
   B Stokes P0000000.667
   R Parnell P0000000.000
   c-E Chavez PH0000100.269
   L Ayala P0000000.000
   d-L Castillo PH1000000.245
O Perez P1100001.109
   D Sanchez P0000000.000
   a-M Anderson PH0000100.215
   J Smith P0000000.000
   R Rincon P0000000.000
   R Martinez 2B2011100.333
a-walked for D Sanchez in the 5th
b-struck out swinging for B Schneider in the 6th
c-intentionally walked for R Parnell in the 8th
d-grounded to second for L Ayala in the 10th
2B: R Martinez (1, K Hart); C Delgado (32, J Samardzija)
3B: D Murphy (3, B Howry)
HR: C Delgado (38, 3rd inning off C Zambrano 3 on, 2 Out)
RBI: D Wright (123), C Delgado 4 (114), R Martinez (1)
2-out RBI: D Wright, C Delgado 4, R Martinez
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: R Castro 2, A Reyes 1, D Wright 1, C Delgado 1, J Reyes 2
Team LOB: 10
SB: C Beltran 3 (24, 2nd base off N Cotts/H Blanco, 2nd base off J Samardzija/K Hill, 3rd base off N Cotts/H Blanco)
E: D Murphy (1, bobble)
DP: 2 (J Reyes-C Delgado, R Martinez-J Reyes-C Delgado).
New York Mets
O Perez4.1655561105-584.25
D Sanchez0.220000017-104.32
J Smith0.210010018-113.67
R Rincon0.10000004-32.45
B Stokes1.031100013-103.48
R Parnell1.000010012-51.93
L Ayala (L, 2-10)2.033302137-255.69
Batters faced: O Perez 23; D Sanchez 4; J Smith 4; R Rincon 1; B Stokes 6; R Parnell 3; L Ayala 9
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: O Perez 3-4; D Sanchez 1-1; J Smith 1-1; R Rincon 0-1; B Stokes 2-1; R Parnell 3-0; L Ayala 3-1
Game Scores: O Perez 32
Scoring Summary
2ndM DeRosa homered to left.10
3rdD Wright walked, O Perez scored, J Reyes to third, D Murphy to second.11
3rdC Delgado homered to left, J Reyes, D Murphy and D Wright scored.15
5thM DeRosa doubled to left, R Theriot and D Lee scored, A Ramirez to third.35
5thR Johnson singled to left, A Ramirez scored, K Fukudome to third, K Fukudome scored on error by left fielder D Murphy.55
7thA Soriano doubled to left, R Cedeno scored, M Hoffpauir to third.65
8thR Martinez walked, C Delgado scored, C Beltran to third, E Chavez to second.66
10thD Lee doubled to right, R Theriot scored.76
10thA Ramirez homered to left, D Lee scored.96