Raptors Report Week 17: TPE Goes to Waste, Will Bryan Colangelo Be Back?

Sachin AroraCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2011

Well, a lot has happened in Raptorland since the last report. Chris Bosh came back to town, got booed as expected, but at the end of the game, showed his affection for Toronto and received some love from the crowed.

DeMar DeRozan was robbed in the dunk contest by Blake Griffin, and there is even video proof that Griffin tried to do one of DeRozan's dunks. Even still, the dunk Griffin ended up doing that round looked awfully similar to one of DeRozan's dunks last year.

The Raptors also acquired James Johnson from the Bulls for the Heat's first round pick, but other than that, the Raps were quiet at the deadline. 

The TPE went to waste and this signifies that Bryan Colangelo has essentially received only minor pieces from the compensation given by the Heat for the loss of Bosh. Colangelo stated that the TPE won't likely be used in the offseason either, and if he couldn't find a taker at the deadline, the likelihood of it being used in the offseason is even slimmer. This brings me to the point of whether Colangelo should be back next year.

He certainly has been active,and while his moves may seem to look good on paper, they never seem to work out. Bottom line, Colangelo has not done a good job building the Raptors. He's had to rebuild every year and every year, he has failed. He says he wants to "finish rebuilding" with the Raps, and if he gives a legitimate plan to get this team out of this muck, then there might not be a better man available to finish the job.

Getting rid of Colangelo is something that certainly needs to be considered, but whether it will happen is, sadly, not my decision.

Anyway, on to the report:

Record: 1-3

Performance on a scale of 1-10: 6

Here is a recap of the four games:


Raptors @ Bobcats, L 101-114


Andrea Bargnani finally lead the team in rebounding with 8 boards and Jerryd Bayless had a double double, but other than that, there weren't any other positives.


For starters, the defense was atrocious. The effort just wasn't there, the team played with no heart and this one wasn't close. Why Sonny Weems was the Raptors leader in minutes still haunts me till today.

Raptors vs Bulls, W 118-113


This was a great game for the Raps. Their offense was really too much for the Bulls to handle and Bargnani and DeRozan lead the offensive tear. James Johnson made his debut with the Raps and proved that he can be a solid producer if given the chance. Amir Johnson was also great and had a huge block on Derrick Rose to close the game.


Well, the Raps defense wasn't too good in this one and allowed the Bulls to come back, even when it wasn't too close at the start of the fourth quarter. Otherwise, the Raps played a great game, and stunned the Bulls.

Raptors @ Suns, L 110-92


Andrea Bargnani played well offensively, but he was also atrocious on D and on the boards...so I don't even know if that's positive.  


This one wasn't even close. The Raps made the Suns seem like an elite team and while I'm sure the fans had fun booing Vince Carter, there wasn't much else for them to enjoy.

Raptors vs Mavericks, L 114-96


Well, the Raps started the game extremely well, especially considering they didn't have Andrea Bargnani. James Johnson was pretty solid and showed that he can be a well rounded player. 


The Raps were up by nearly 20 points and managed to lose the game by nearly 20 points. That's almost a 40 point difference. That can't happen. That's just embarrassing.

Ask Sachin

"Tank or not to tank? Mediocre draft probability."  Kevin Ji 

Well, the way this season has been going, it seems that even if the Raptors don't try to tank, they will still end up with a low end pick. If the team picks up some steam and ends up in the middle of the pack at the end of the season, it is actually the worst case scenario because not only do you miss the playoffs, you miss the lottery pick as well. Even if the draft is mediocre, there is always talent to be had.

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