The Green Monkey-Time to Fire Up the Countdown Machine

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The Green Monkey-Time to Fire Up the Countdown Machine
It has been announced that the biggest financial flop in the history of horse racing, the Green Monkey, has a stud fee for the 2009: $5,000. Time to fire up the Countdown to Profitable meter. At $5,000, that's alot of foals. Now there is an interesting development. Quarter horse breeders have been making inquiries and this maybe the boy's calling.

Quarter horse racing, for those of you who don't know, is,run in only well, 1/4 mile races (hence the name of the breed). Anything slower than 21 seconds and your in last place. Now the big, open secret about quarter horse racing is that many of the top quarter horses are not pure breeds. The AQHA, unlike the Jockey Club, does allow mixed blood horses and many of the top racing quarter horses are actually 40 to60% thoroughbred. Additionally, thanks to a lawsuit against the AQHA, the registry allows embryonic transfers (also unlike the Jockey Club.) Since the Green Monkey's greatest claim to fame is his speed at 1/8 mile, maybe he thinks he is a quarter horse?

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