The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
It's time for....(I need a soundtrack) The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:

The Good.......Okay was it me when the Houston Texans decided to take Mario Williams....a guy i only heard about in the last couple of days of the draft. who by know means dominated the acc.....okay let's take a look at the stats:

Mario Williams - 36 tkles 4.5 sacks
Vince Young - 1704 yds...15 TDS 6-2 since starting
Matt Leinart - 2200 yds - 12TDS
Reggie Bush - 405yds rushing 4 TDS, 79 Rec. (leads all rookies) 687yds 2TD 1 Punt Return for TD

To me it look like HOUSTON TEXANS made another dumb move!!!! Why the hell do you not go for an offensive threat...are you serious?!?!!? Vince Young hands down Rookie of the Year!!!! (or if Colston can't come back from injury)

Jaguars look like Nebraska playing Idaho State...375 yards rushing....are you the NFL?!?!!? UAB don't get up that much on the ground...and these are professional football players....tell you what INDY Defense...give up your checks this week and donate to the local boys and girls club because at least they would given a better effort!!! our Grayson 125 would have at least held them to 250yards!!! Way to go Rich Rodriguez...take your pay increase and live it up in Morgantown, WV Walmart!!!!!! Baltimore look like a threat to beat anybody!!!! Look at your Philly boys....Garcia is resurrecting his career like Steve Martin!!!!

The Bad.....New England look like a team with no clue didn't they?!?!? Indy defense, Dallas (oh wait a minute...Brees just threw for a 50yarder) defense....And wassup with the Roy Williams "Horsecollar" me and wifey had a discussion that they won't enforce that every game....What the hell was that with the jets?!?!! Is it me or is shanahan looking like an idiot now...they were at 7-4...and to say that Cutler will start for the rest of the year...he killed his team MOJO!!! Falcons looked bad...they "eeked" it out...but bad!!! When is the tryouts for i too late?!?!?! we need a WR with some speed that can take a 5yard slant 65 yrds...WE DON'T HAVE THAT!!!!  i don't know about Seattle coming back....they are looking suspect!!! I'm like you...really waiting for Rex to screw up...i'm picking the Rams by 7!!!

The Ugly...This fool...Eric Rudolph is complaining about prison....HEY BUDDY...U LUCKY THE JUDGE DON'T JUST PUT YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF GA. DOME and HAVE EVERYBODY TAKE A GOOD YACK AT YOU WITH A he really complaining...sorry got off the subject a bit.... It's funny to me when a former Detroit Lion come back and torch his old team...ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS..DETROIT LIONS HAVE THE AUDACITY TO CUT SOMEBODY!!!!! Pinner rushed for 3 TD's...and yet we still wonder when MATT MILLEN will get fired!!!! PLEASE GET RID OF THAT CLOWN!!!! and Ford Family that's what you get...a former TV sports jock thinking he can fix up the Detroit Lions....HA-HA (kid on Simpson..damn i don't know his name) Damn shame that you get coaches from Louisville and West Virginia turning down University of Alabama head coach...wait a minute..i think they are doing a seance to bring back the old fart with the checkerboard hat!!!! The have a candlelight vigil for him til this day.....he's been dead 23yrs!!!

And like Matt Millen...I'm gone!!!

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