UFC 127 Fight Card Results: Is It Time for Jon Fitch to Start Finishing Fights?

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UFC 127 Fight Card Results: Is It Time for Jon Fitch to Start Finishing Fights?
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Last night we all witnessed yet another example of why Dana White is right about not leaving your victories in the hands of the judges. 

The mantra makes sense when you think about it. Why would you spend eight to 12 weeks devoting four to six hours a day in the gym training and conditioning your body into a finely-tuned machine to then go into your fight and not try your best to finish your opponent?

Sadly, many fighters are guilty of this, and Jon Fitch is one of them. Known as a "Grinder" the American Kickboxing Academy product has made it a point to win his last five fights via decision.

Five boring, predictable, decisions. 

Dana White hates decisions. Especially when they are Jon Fitch decisions, because he knows what went into them, and frankly this does not mean a great pay-per-view.

If Fitch wants to make sure that he gets a second shot at the Welterweight Title, then he needs to think of a more decisive offensive scheme rather than just a repetitive one. 

If you're going to ground and pound, make it hurt and make it hurt badly, because frankly the current lay and pray approach is not only turning the fans off to your fights but also making your boss not even want to consider putting you in another title fight.

What Fitch needs to realize is that the fans these days need the big show. They want the excitement of a great knockout, and most have even become educated enough to now appreciate a great submission victory as well, but when you just take opponents down and spend 15 minutes lying on them without really going in for the kill it can be frustrating to watch.

Now I know you might be reading this and immediately think of Georges St-Pierre, and the fact that his similar fight tactics don't draw the same ire from fans or the UFC President. Well the simple reason is that St-Pierre is the champ, period. 

And when you're the champion you can do whatever you want to win fights as long as you win. Besides, Fitch is hardly as marketable as GSP is, and hence he must do more, he must be more in order to finally get the nod from White and Joe Silva. 

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