Paul Finebaum: I Hope You Donated to Tide for Toomers

Dan GruczaContributor IFebruary 27, 2011

Tide for Toomers was started by Alabama fans in response to the poisoning of the landmark 130-year-old oak trees at Toomer's Corner at Auburn University. 

The Facebook site has been closed, but had 60,000 fans and raised about $48,000, according to an article in the Birmingham News on Saturday.

Wow, Tide fans, you are getting more generous!  That is about 80 cents per person, up drastically than the $30,000 that was raised for victims of tornadoes in Enterprise, Alabama by the 100,000 Tide fans at the A-Day Spring Football Game in 2008. 

That was a tad more than a quarter per person.  You see, admission to the game is free, so they thought fans would be more generous. 

Anyway, why should Paul Finebaum contribute?

"Al from Dadeville" called the Paul Finebaum Show in Birmingham bragging that, "I ummm poisoned them oaks at Auburn, uh huhhh."  I guess his sling blade was not big enough to do the job.

Paul Finebaum has made a name for himself and a small fortune by "flanning the flames" of the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. 

Now Finebaum is playing the sympathy card saying everyone is blaming him and claiming he is responsible.  "Poor me" at its finest.

Is Finebaum responsible?  Even partly responsible?

First, let me say that I believe everyone is responsible for their own actions, and if the individual arrested is found guilty, he should be punished appropriately.  I do not believe, like many in today's society, that someone else is responsible for your actions.

What about Finebaum's actions?  He is a University of Tennessee alum who, like many others, found out that he could make a lot of money by playing Alabama fans for fools. 

Just host a "sports" call in show in Birmingham and make your shtick getting Alabama fans riled up about their hated rival Auburn.

I put "sports" in quotation marks because Finebaum is to sports talk radio what Jerry Springer is to counseling and Dr. Phil is to psychiatry. 

Finebaum knows absolutely nothing about sports.  In the rare event he is asked a legitimate sports question, his response back to the caller is always, "What do you think?" 

When backed into a corner by facts, he will go into some weird diatribe from the movie "Airplane!" to divert attention away from his ignorance.

Finebaum claims he is a hero because without his show, no one would know the trees were poisoned. 

Excuse me?  "Al from Dadeville" called your show, Mr. Finebaum, bragging like a child to his daddy about what he did.  He wanted you to be proud of him. 

He even mentioned one of your planted Auburn fans, "Tammy," at the end of his call. 

At first, Finebaum was his usual smart-aleck self and reacted to the poisoning claim in response supposedly to an Auburn fan putting a Cam Newton jersey on a Bear Bryant statue by stating it sounded fair. 

He was smart enough to start distancing himself when he realized it might be a crime.

You can't play it both ways, Paul Finebaum.  Your claim to fame can not be fanning the flames of a heated rivalry and then, when some one takes it too far, claim zero responsibility.

Take a hard look in the mirror.  Own up to what you do, and while you are at it, reach into your pocketbook and give back some of that money that you made by stirring the pot and help the Tide fans you are taking advantage of to not look quite so cheap!


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