Big East Football 2012: Comparing Texas Christian to the Best of the Big East

Bob AllenCorrespondent IIApril 5, 2011

The last few years, TCU has been very successful. They have finished in the top 10 the last three seasons and fielded some of the best teams in school history since their last national title in 1938. However, 2012 will be a year that we will see the west come east on a regular basis.

Most of the country is getting the general feeling that Texas Christian would dominate the Big East, and I for one cannot completely disagree with this theory because of what TCU has accomplished in recent seasons.

Chris of College Football Cafeteria said in November 2010 that "Anyone looking at TCU joining the Big East would not be have to be extremely intelligent to come to the conclusion that TCU would dominate the Big East, in fact the Frogs would be similar to what you had with the “U” and “Va Tech” in the 90’s."

Oliver Luck, the athletic director for West Virginia University, said in an interview reported by correspondent Brian Bennett, "I believe that eventually the road to the Big East championship will go through Fort Worth." Luck himself has spent many years in Texas with organizations like the Houston Oilers and even the MLS Houston Dynamo and has an understanding of sports in the state of Texas.

TCU dominating the Big East would not be that farfetched. However, I believe that it would be very difficult for them to keep up the pace at which they are currently performing.

I am not saying that they cannot do it, I am saying that for them to do it as long as they have and to be able to continue to do it for another decade would be hard to accomplish. "All good things must come to an end" as the sayings goes. The Roman Empire lasted for centuries but was eventually brought down, etc. 

Here we will compare records and statistics of the Horned Frogs against the best the Big East has to offer. In order to save some space I have decided to compare TCU against the best Big East team in each individual category. Also only teams currently in the conference will be included.


Overall Record: 

TCU 581-512-87

West Virginia 691-454-45


National Championships:

TCU 2 (1935 & 1938)  

PITT 9 (1915, 1916, 1918, 1929, 1931, 1934, 1936, 1937 and 1976)

Teams in the Big East without a national title: WVU, USF, Cincinnati, UConn and Louisville


Record Past 10 Seasons:

TCU 98-27-0 

West Virginia 88-38-0


Conference Championships: (Division 1-A titles only) 

TCU 6 (2 WAC, 1 Conference USA and 3 MWC)

West Virginia 6 (All Big East Titles)


Bowl Record:

TCU 12-14-1

Syracuse 13-9-1


BCS Bowl Wins: (BCS started in 1998)

TCU 1 (2011 Rose Bowl 21-19 win over Wisconsin)

West Virginia 2 (2006 Sugar Bowl 38-35 win over Georgia, 2008 Fiesta Bowl 48-28 win over Oklahoma)


Heisman Winners:

TCU 1 Davey O'Brien 1938 

PITT 1 Tony Dorsett 1976

Syracuse 1 Ernie Davis 1961 


Stadium Seating Capacity:

TCU Current 46,000 (Future seating capacity of 40,000 that can be expanded to more than 50,000 seats) 

PITT 65,000, South Florida 64,000 (However seats are rarely filled, WVU capacity is 60,000)


TCU Rankings In Past 10 Years: AP Poll

2001: NR 2002: 23 2003: 25 2004: NR 2005: 11 2006: 22 2007: NR 2008:2009:2010: 2

I would like to see if there are any TCU fans out there that would like to set up a "joint tailgate" depending on where the first game between WVU and TCU will be at. There is a group of us that are going to travel to Ft. Worth in 2012 if the game is in Texas and vice versa if in West Virginia we are willing to host TCU fans in Morgantown. It all depends on the scheduling, if anyone is interested send me a message.