Lil Wayne On the Pats

Matt's Pats BlogAnalyst ISeptember 26, 2008

ESPN The Magazine has just given rapper Lil Wayne a blog. Apparently they decided he would be worthy after interviewing him about the large amount of baseball players who use his songs for their at-bat music (which is expected since "Weezy" is featured in nearly every rap song these days).

Here's what he had to say about the Patriots:

The Patriots aren't going to be fine. I expected this to happen even before Brady got injured. I've been skeptical for a while now. They lost their drive. They used to go out there and crush people, playing good football every Sunday. You could see when they were winning how great they were playing, how hard they trained and how disciplined they were. But then it became about 'who is this person dating' and whatever, and that's when I thought this would happen. I'm not going to say they're distracted because they're professionals. But when it becomes about all that other stuff it does take away from just going out and playing good football.