Boston Celtics Trade Scenarios: How Dwight Howard to Boston Would Rock the NBA

Steven BaldassariContributor IIIMarch 1, 2011

Many can't seem to understand why the Boston Celtics had made the Kendrick Perkins deal and/or "the other deals" they made at the 2011 trade deadline. I am not one of those people and I am inclined to say that Danny Ainge is not either..

Could it be that Ainge was trying to free up salary in order to make an offer to Dwight Howard in 2012? The way I see it, there are six teams involved as the front runners for the sweepstakes—the NetsBullsMavericks, LakersClippers and Celtics.

Losing Perkins, and feeling the need for a strong center, the Celtics may push hard for Howard. The Lakers do have Andrew Bynum, and the Nets have Brook Lopez. Therefore, their overall need and interest for Howard may be slightly lower than the Celtics. In addition, Deron Williams doesn't seem to be too fond of playing for the Nets without Dwight Howard's presence around him. Only time will tell what will happen, but it seems to make the most sense for Howard to go to Boston.

He would be able to stay on the east coast and play for the most storied franchise in NBA History. "If you can't beat them, join them" is a saying that comes to mind here. He would know that he could play with Rondo for years to come, and a Rondo-to-Howard connection could be literally unstoppable. 

Here is what Howard had to say to the Boston Herald:

“You know,” said Howard, “you look at a team like Boston and look at a team like LA who’s won . . . especially Boston. Man, those guys came together and they didn’t care who scored all the points. They had done all the individual stuff.

“You know, for me, I’ve done a lot of things individually, but I want a championship. All those accolades that I’ve got over the years, they mean a lot, but it’s just different watching teams hold up that trophy and knowing how hard you have to work to get it.

“They have the championship mentality,” he said of the Celts. “It means a lot. Like I said, I like the team. They play hard and they go after it, and that’s what I like.”

Yes, this article is just speculation but looking at how strong the Celtics are and how their front office is clearly committed to the future, it would be ludicrous to not consider Boston if you are Dwight Howard. Yes, the weather is colder than L.A. but the rich history and media attention that he would receive would be second to no city. 

If "Superman" flies into Boston in 2012, no amount of kryptonite will be able to save the NBA from the domination that will unfold. There is still some time before there is closure brought to this discussion but until then, stay classy basketball fans.