WWE Needs To Push More Faces Into The Main Event

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2011

Can this man break into the main-event?
Can this man break into the main-event?

WWE is currently in the midst of what we are calling the Youth Movement. The transition period of new stars coming into WWE, and new main-eventers rising to the top.

The men who will carry the company for the next few years.

WWE are very short on big names and huge stars, so this movement is absolutely essential for their continued existence.

Over the past year and so, we have seen the rises of several superstars. These men are those who have main-evented PPVs, and won World Titles and other championships.

These men include The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, and others. Without a doubt, I support this youth movement, as it gives young studs and deserving wrestlers a chance to shine, as WWE needs new people to fill in the big shoes.

But there is one problem I find with this transition: all the men that have been pushed have been heels.

Now this simply cannot do. Now, I understand that these wrestlers must really appeal to WWE, and that finally having new guys win the belts is something of a breath of fresh air, but they are simply too many heels being pushed.

WWE never had a problem with this before, as they always had a balance of both heels and faces they pushed, and the balance between good guys and bad guys was constant in the main event.

But now it's a big problem, as they push so many heels to main-event status, they accommodate this by relying on established main-eventers that are already faces to face them such as Cena, Orton, and Edge.

But half of them, like Orton and Edge, were once big-time heels in the past. This feels to me like a cheap way to cover their apparent weakness of pushing current faces into the main-event.

As they push so many heels to that level, they are upsetting a delicate balance in the main-event in the future.

One face, though, is on the cusps of stardom and greatness more than any other right now. His name is John Morrison. Ever since his Survivor Series and TLC of last year, Morrison has been on one of the most incredible rolls ever, rising higher in the ranks than he's ever had in his career.

His stole the show at TLC in his ladder match with Sheamus, he put on a spectacular showing against the WWE Champ, the Miz, in Falls Count Anywhere, and also stole the show at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber with some of the most amazing and memorable spots ever done.

WrestleMania is just around the corner, and right now, Morrison seems to have no clear feud for him. But let me say, that all these months of stealing the show will culminate at WrestleMania 27.

Whether in a Money in the Bank Ladder match, or against an established star, I feel he will break into the main-event at the Grandaddy of Them All.

But aside from Morrison, virtually no faces have been remotely pushed towards the main-event scene.

Deserving and ready wrestlers, such as Kofi Kingston and Christian, have been pushed aside for men like Sheamus and Del Rio, who were pushed immediately to stardom within their first few months of the company.

WWE is basically going WCW, favoring the heels over the faces.

They are pushing way too many heels, and not enough faces, and turning several heels face afterwards is simply a cheap way to cover this weakness up, and is overall a bad idea, as too many of these guys are way too good at what they do.

I'm sure no one wants to see an amazing heel go into a terrible babyface.

Therefore, I believe WWE should stop looking at the heels to fill the shoes of the main-event, and start focusing on some of the faces that are ready for the main-event, and have what it takes to stay there.

Kofi Kingston, Christian, and Daniel Bryan should be given a chance in the spotlight.

WWE has an overabundance of heels right now. They need to start pushing more faces, or we are going to have a problem here.