Coyotes-Flames: Flame Jumpin' in Calgary

Fanster.comCorrespondent IJanuary 10, 2008

Wow! I mean it! Just plain and simply wow! Our boys have turned into something special. Okay WE all knew they were special but now the secret is out. The entire NHL world all have something to say about the Coyotes right now and its all good.

Suddenly Wayne Gretzky just may have a shot at the Jack Adams award? Say what? Oh yeah you read that right folks. All the nay sayers and just plain old mean people who gave good ol WG the short shift at the beginning of the season are looking around sheepishly and hopin like hell that TGO doesn’t pull this off so they won’t have to eat serious helpins of crow. Spector, Milbury, Wyshynski and a few others are suspiciously quiet on the subject after being quite vocal earlier in the season. But we’ll get to that during the Coyotes report card later.

Right now we need to give props. The often maligned, never taken seriously desert dawgs doused the Flames on their home ice.

The Coyotes came out in this game like they ate nails for pre game meal. (C’mon Fast Freddie, you can’t honestly expect me to believe you played like this on a meal of chicken?) They didn’t score but they rocked the Flames for the first 10 or so minutes pretty heavily. The 10 sogs they managed to fire at Kipper were quality and when the Flames finally got their poop in a group during the second 1/2 of the period Bryz! handled their 9 sogs without breakin much of a sweat. We handed those boys 3 PPs and they couldn’t do a damn thing with Breezy. Unfortunately we couldn’t put away our 1 PP either. 0 - 0

The second period is where Kipper found out about ‘real’ flames. The Yotes shelled the big guy 18 sogs and rocked him for 3 of them, leaving the Flames in hot water at the end of the period. Bryz! watched his cohorts work their opponents over while easily fielding the measily 8 sogs they managed to tally. 3 - 0 Yotes

The third period the Flames musta gotten a serious cheek chewing from Keenan cause they worked like dogs trying to get back into the game. 14 - 3 sogs in favor of the Flambe. No dice. Despite the precision fire power of Iggy and the Hussey, Breezy turned part acrobat, part concrete wall on them and denied all opportunites except for a pretty tip in from Alex Tanguay during the DMo penalty. 3 -1 final.

WG vs Keenan - Welcome to Wayne’s world baby!

The love:

Oh my goodness the lil Finn is back on track! Niiiikooo Kapaaanen! You’ve heard it all, 2 small, 2 soft, 2 Euro ummm 2 points! Kapi set up Dwin with a mahvelous back hand pass for the first scoring tally and came back again with an assist on Yandle’s PP goal. After a really quiet set of games, the unassuming lil Finn reminded us that the VHS and MDR lines aren’t the only set of weapons we got.

Nick ‘freakin’ Boynton! Who knew? The guy rocketed a hell of a cross ice pass right onto the stick of Joel Perrault, who fired that monster over Kipper’s port bow. Ulf and WG probably looked at each other pretty suspiciously * (WG: I thought we put Boynk out there? Ulfie: We did! WG: Then who the hell just did that? Ulfie: Let’s have him checked out after the game… I think he’s channeling Coffey) For those who think the ‘new’ NHL has passed ol’ Nick by…think again. The guy can still come up with a surprise or two.

Keith Yandle - hella rookie D man. Even when he misfires, good things happen when that boy is shootin the puck.

And of course the Bryz! All night strong. Those saves in the 3 rd period frustrated and dominated the Flames. Along with the DMo/Bally pairing Bryz! hung Calary’s snipers out to dry.

The drive for 5 is complete and we head into Oil country to take on a listing Oilers team and try for 6. It can be done… all you gotta do is believe! “We have a great young team,” Bryzgalov said. “We’ve started winning games and we have a great future if we keep working hard and believe in ourselves.”

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* of course its a ficticious conversation, c’mon it was me and Hat Trick IM’ing, you can’t get much more fictious than that.