The Best Football Virals and Adverts on Youtube

Red RummyContributor IFebruary 25, 2011

The Best Football Virals and Adverts on Youtube

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    I'll keep this short and sweet, here are a few of my favorite videos and clips related to soccer.

    There are tons of videos out there and I have stayed away from the millions of user contributed skills and compilations.

    It's a collection of the best videos i've seen online in the last few years, and with Nike and Adidas not really bothering anymore, i'll bring to light some of their best as well as some obscure ones I've found.

    If you have any suggestions, stick a link below and I'll add it to the list.

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    The First Football Advert I Witnessed

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      This really set the tone for me as a kid and was one that displayed all the skills and tricks that made these ads popular as well as the high production values and big names.

    Probably the Greatest Advert Ever

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      Here's the full version of possibly the greatest advert ever,

      No doubt some of you would be expecting to see this, but it combines a sort of fantasy rags to riches story with my love of Arsenal to produce something awesome.

    More Trickery and Big Names from Nike

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      As with all Nike's adverts, it combines great skills and big names as well as the recurring theme of a crazy Cantona masterminding everything.

    Spain's Prelude to Glory

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      I'm not 100% when this advert was released and I don't remember seeing it on TV, but I do remember seeing it just before Euro's and it's a pretty different approach to best team in the world.

    Brazil vs Portugal

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      Nike once again brings in the star power with a head to head clash between Brazil and Portugal, showing off their best moves while some of the legends of the game reminding us why they were the best. 

    One of the Many Reasons Why Henry Was so Cool

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      The quality is a bit rough, but if anyone can send a decent link, it'll be appreciated.

      As with other Nike advertisements, it's full of trickery and famous faces but there's a little more narrative and a little more comedy to go down as one of my favourite ads of all time.

    The final Nike Ad...I Promise

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      A few years ago, Nike was really churning out the virals with their Joga Bonito campaign showcasing beautiful footbal.

      While there are quite a few videos, this is probably the best of the bunch.

      It shows a young Ronaldinho doing what he does does best and afar cry from the player he is today.

      However, that smile is unmistakable and he really had some talent for a kid.

    Lionel Messi: Impossible Is Nothing

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      After the onslaught of Nike video's, it's time to see what Adidas have in store and while their more recent ventures with the God awful Messi and Zidane adverts are just plain bad, this little viral shows a little insight into Messi's beginnings. 

    Fantasy football courtesy of Adidas

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      With a little help of special effects and playing on the imaginations of young minds everywhere, Adidas take a simple concept of picking your team and took it to another level.

      That said, there is a difference in star power and some of the moves that are pretty basic compared to the standard set by Nike.

      It's always nice to see Oliver Khan. 

    Not strictly football related, but powerful nonetheless

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      After looking for decent football adverts by Adidas, I eventually gave up as I couldn't find many.

      Now, the only football related thing about this ad is David Beckham.

      I like the idea and message behind it, as well as any use of Muhammad Ali in his prime. 

    The World Cup isn't just another opportunity to sell Coca-Cola

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      While being a advert for Coco Cola, you'd expect the required close up of protagonist enjoying the drink, but it does use CGI.

      It does a little more and builds on their campaign of showing off your celebrations not forgetting the South African setting and what I think was the official World Cup song.

      Though to be honest, I only found this online and don't remember it actually coming on TV.  

    It's not just the sports brand that make good adverts

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      This one took a little effort to find, but is certainly my favorite advert of the lastest World Cup.

      Like the best adverts, there's a little story and some progression which builds up nicely to it's great ending.

      I personally love that celebration. 

    It's not all adverts

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      This video is of Theirry Henry who took part in some Korean show a few years back,

      it's funny from what I remember, as he basically is in a set challenges and clearly doesn't understand what's going on.

    Edgar Davids Still Has It

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      This was a little viral I was tracking in the summer, featuring Edgar Davids and his crew of street footballers as they travel around the world and basically beat players on their own turf.

      It highlights the awesome skills and trickery in five against five side and this clip in particular shows off an impressive combination of close control and skill.   

    John Terry's Funny Interview

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      Firstly thanks for Dave Byrne for the next few suggestions, here we have a juxtaposed interview where Terry gives the fans his insight on the whole Terry and Bridge affair. I should also mention Bridge's handshake snub at

    No One Celebrates Like They Do in Iceland

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      Somewhat of a oversight on my behalf, this team really became a internet sensation for their inventive celebrations and what better incentive to scoring goals than showing off great celebrations.

    Gerrard Gets Owned

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      Again thanks to Dave, i'm sure most fans remember this little nugget.

    Mourinho and Amazing Technicolour over Coat

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      This is a funny video I just remembered after seeing the John Terry one, if you haven't seen or heard this already, this is just pure gold.

    Thats all for now

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      As I've mentioned before, these are just a collection of my favorite clips found on Youtube.

      If you have any of your own you want to add feel free to stick a link and your own opinions on your favourite.