WWE's 20 Hottest Divas

Nate ScacciaAnalyst IIIFebruary 26, 2011

WWE's 20 Hottest Divas

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    WWE has always had attractive women in the business. This is true today and it was true years ago.

    The first true Diva, Sunny, is a great example of what WWE has to offer.  This list will show my 20 hottest Divas.

    These are my opinions, and I will back them up with many pictures. I hope you enjoy this slideshow.

No. 20: Ivory

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    Ivory comes in at No. 20.

    Ivory is attractive, just like in this next picture.


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    Ivory gets the countdown started; just imagine what is next.

No. 19: Victoria

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    No. 19 is the tough Diva, Victoria.


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    Showing her "soft" side.

No. 18: Lilian Garcia

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    That's right; Lilian Garcia, the attractive ring announcer.

Lilian Again

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    How about another?

    Yes, please.

No. 17: Stephanie McMahon

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    The boss's daughter, Triple H's wife, Stephanie McMahon.


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    Steph does not have many "revealing" pics, but she still looks good.

No. 16: Sable

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    Brock Lesnar is a lucky guy.


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    Okay, Brock.

No. 15: Jackie Gayda

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    Anyone remember her?

    You will now.


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    How about now?

No. 14: Dawn Marie

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    Everyone remembers her for this kiss.

    Now remember her for this...


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    You still with me out there?

No. 13: Melina

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    It is getting pretty hard to decide these now.

    At No. 13, Melina.

More, Please

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    I have one more for you.


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    Hard to move on, but we must.

No 12: Maria

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    Don't stare too long; she still has two more to show you.


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    One more to go.

Maria, Maria, Maria

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    Very nice.

No. 11: Lita

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    Lita makes her appearance at No. 11.


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    Lita has one more to show.


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    Now on to the top 10.

No. 10: Christy Hemme

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    ...left you speechless...

    Two more from her.


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    One more...

Christy Hemme

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    And that's only No. 10...

No. 9: Layla

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    Layla, in with a bang.


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    We still have one more.


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    Next up....

No. 8: Mickie James

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    This one is for Vince; he thought she was overweight.

So Is This One

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    She is mad at you, Vince.

One More

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    Out of shape?

    Really? Really?


No. 7: Michelle McCool

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    Michelle in at No. 7.

Michelle McCool

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    How did Undertaker get her?

Michelle McCool

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    It's times like these where I like LayCool.

Michelle McCool

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    It is sad to leave her...but we must.

No. 6: Maryse

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    When she is done with Ted, I am here for her.


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    Why is she with him again?


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    She is PRICELESS.

No. 5: Trish Stratus

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    Her number might anger some people, but I will make up for it.

Trish Stratus

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    It's a good thing she's back.

Trish Stratus

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    WOW...one more.

Trish Stratus

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    So...who's watching Tough Enough?

No. 4: Tiffany

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    The first one is just a warmup.


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    If your jaw isn't on the floor yet, it will be.


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    Told you.

No. 3: Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly is the hottest current Diva, and No. 3 all-time.

Kelly Kelly

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    How about a few more?

Kelly Kelly

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    Still two more left.

Kelly Kelly

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    One more...

Kelly Kelly

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    Now we are down to our last two Divas.

No. 2: Stacy Keibler

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    Stacy comes in at No. 2.

Stacy Keibler

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    Still more to come.

Stacy Keibler

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    One more left.

Stacy Keibler

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    And our No. 1 Diva is....

No. 1: Torrie Wilson

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    Deserving of the No. 1 spot.

Torrie Wilson

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    The hottest Diva ever.

Torrie Wilson

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    Torrie is....

Torrie Wilson

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    Number 1.


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    Well, if you made it through the whole slideshow, congrats! Those were my 20 hottest Divas in WWE history.

    Leave your comments about the slideshow, my picks or your opinions in the comment section.

    Thanks for reading (and staring).