Madison Rayne's Open Challenge—Which Knockout Returns and Accepts? (SPOILERS)

Charlie GSenior Writer IFebruary 25, 2011

Who's next to try to dethrone the Queen?
Who's next to try to dethrone the Queen?

There will be a returning TNA Knockout on the March 3 edition of iMPACT!

My favorite, Madison Rayne, will hold yet another open challenge match which will be accepted by her old rival.

Last iMPACT!, we saw ODB accept the Knockout Champion's open challenge. ODB fell victim to the Queen of the Knockout Division. So Madison, who loves a challenge, will hold another open invite.

Madison already knocked out Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and ODB.

So who is next?

This is a SPOILER for the upcoming March 3 edition of iMPACT!

Madison's open challenge will be answered by Roxxi!

Roxxi, who was forced out of TNA by Madison, is back!

But for how long?

Hopefully, both are here to stay. Both women are incredibly talented, and TNA would be stupid to let them go again.

If you don't love Madison Rayne already, you must now. Her open challenges have brought back ODB and Roxxi.

I wonder, if Madison beats Roxxi, will the Queen hold another open invite the following week? If so, who will answer then?

Sojourner Bolt?

Rhaka Khan?

Taylor Wilde?


Whatever the case, I love these "Open Challenge" matchups. TNA is clearly trying to revive the Knockout Division.