3-3-11? You're Freaking Kidding Me, Right?

Kris EazAyCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

3 3 11? Could it be the return of The Icon, Sting? Gee, I wonder...
3 3 11? Could it be the return of The Icon, Sting? Gee, I wonder...

**Note to reader: This article contains “spoilers”, and I use that term very loosely, because if you know TNA, you should have been able to see this coming from a gazillion miles away.**

TNA has once again out TNA’d themselves with this very lackluster announcement of 3-3-11, an obvious play on WWE’s 2 21 11 promoting the return of Undertaker (which was originally thought to be Sting).

Last week, TNA released a statement that read, and I quote (Michael Cole voice):


And on last night’s broadcast of Impact, we saw a vignette promoting next’s week’s Impact on 3 3 11 (only a week in advance but that’s another story).  It featured a figure walking up stairs and…you know, I really do not even feel like describing this monstrosity. Roll the damn video:


So, the big surprise is that TNA completely lacks originality! Gee, I did not know that!

Yes, this is TNA’s idea of outdoing WWE: signing a guy who has been wrestling with them for the last five years and calling it “THE MOST SHOCKING SURPRISE OF THE YEAR!” and using a promo tactic used by WWE as recent as this past Monday, no less.

I do not want to downplay the significance of Sting resigning with them because it is almost a big deal, but to call it the “THE MOST SHOCKING SURPRISE OF THE YEAR - GUARANTEED!!!” with all capital letters and not one…not two…but THREE exclamation marks is the worst over selling I have seen since Shawn Michaels in his match with Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam ’05!

When the Undertaker showed up on this past Monday’s Raw and HHH followed right behind, I think it was a foregone conclusion that Sting wasn’t signing with WWE (as if the Johnny Cash song the week prior wasn’t enough).  Without Sting wrestling Taker at this years Wrestlemania, there is nowhere else on the card where he would fit in.  So, of course he is going to re-sign with TNA.

I do not have a problem with TNA pretending that they have one-upped the WWE with this lackluster announcement; the problem that I have is the fact that Dixie and Co. have done this type of overselling way too many times to virtually no returns. 

Think I am the only one who feels this way? Well, The TweetVerse has spoken: Here are just a few TNA fans with their thoughts on 3-3-11, courtesy of No.DQ.

WrestleWrestle: Y'know @TNADixie , if you're that driven to flush money down the toilet, you could just send it to me and save everyone a lot of pain.

MrGamer2558 : @TNADixie a mock video of WWE's 2-21-11 for Sting is your big surprise? you're kidding? this is a f***ing joke right?

canadianbulldog: Dear @TNADixie - Nice "Surprise". Maybe next time you can surprise us with a wrestling promotion that doesn't absolutely f***ing suck.

Morris272: Sting in WWE would of been great in TNA its boring and predictable.

xthegunshow: @TNADixie No one gives a f*** that Sting is at tonight's Impact Taping, people want him in WWE. You use him horribly.

The latter two tweets sum up my sentiments exactly.  The only thing that almost makes Sting re-signing with TNA *almost* big deal is the fact that he was rumored to be going to WWE (and don’t think for a minute that Vince wouldn’t have him there already if he really wanted him.).

TNA seems to be under the impression that there is still value in him.  Well…there would’ve been value in him had he went to WWE. Seriously, what’s left for Sting to do in TNA? Beat Jeff Hardy by making him tap out to the Scorpion death lock on next week’s Impact?

I think the only reason why I indulge in TNA is because I want there to be competition in wrestling and to keep wrestlers employed. 

With the severe lack of upward mobility in that company, you would think that Dixie and Co. would have a clue by now. I have stated in previous articles the changes that I believe need to be made in TNA so I will spare you my candor, but if you guys have some ideas for them write to:

TNA Wrestling

209 10th Avenue South, Suite 302

Nashville, TN 37203

Who knows...they may listen, but at this point, I am done caring.