Purdue Boilermaker Football: Al Terek McBurse Not Expected To Return to The Team

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2011

Al Terek McBurse, the 4-star recruit who has been plagued by injury problems throughout his career with the Boilermakers, is not likely to return to the football team for the 2011 season.

In an interview with the Journal and Courier, Purdue head coach Danny Hope said:

"He has not been part of the workouts for several weeks and I don't believe he'll be back out on our football team—that's a preference of his. He has some family issues—he may want to get closer to home. We've left the door open for him. If he wants to come out for the team, we would love to have him. He has to make a bunch of workouts up to get caught up. I don't see it going in that direction."

This will be sad news to a lot of the Boilermaker nation who had high hopes for McBurse and expected him to be the next big thing for Purdue football.

McBurse has only rushed for one touchdown, 189 yards and is averaging 7.9 yards per attempt in his two years as a Boilermaker

With spring practice just a week away, it seems that the Boilermakers will have to go without McBurse unless something changes quickly.

Some good news for the Boilermakers is that they will return star running back Ralph Bolden this season who is coming off an ACL injury, but no one will deny this news about McBurse is disappointing. 

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