Pro Wrestling's Greatest Stare Downs in Wrestling History (With Video)

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Pro Wrestling's Greatest Stare Downs in Wrestling History (With Video)

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    A list of some of the greatest face offs between some of WWE and Wrestling’s elite.

    This slide is all about the passion and adrenaline both men had prior to the match, and it has nothing to do with the match itself or the feud—even though they play a huge part.

    Feel free to comment and to add your own favorite moments.

The Rock & Hollywood Hulk Hogan: Wrestlemania 18

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    Old vs. Young, New vs. Old. Call it whatever you want, but, at the end of the day, what you are left with is Icon vs. Icon.

    The Rock and Hogan stole the show at Wrestlemania 18, as the two behemoths of the sport of professional wrestling tore the roof down in Toronto.

    It was a great moment for any fan, as it showed the two different superstars of their respective generations go at it for the very first time. It was a match many dreamed they would see, especially during the Monday Night War days.

    Like Andre vs. Hogan at WrestleMania III, this moment captured the imagination of everyone, and really helped make that WrestleMania one of the greatest spectacles ever.

Hulk Hogan & Ultimate Warrior: WrestleMania VI

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    WrestleMania VI witnessed two of the biggest icons in professional wrestling square of in the first-ever title-for-title match, as Hogan threw his WWE title on the line and Warrior put up his IC championship.

    What made this stare down intense? Well, many believe that symbolized the passing of the torch to the new generation—to Ultimate Warrior.

    Although the match itself was not exactly great, the moment in which both men stared down each others' eyes really made WrestleMania VI that much more special than any other.

The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin: Wrestlemania 17

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    Just like the previous slide, this moment witnessed two of the 90’s biggest draws in the form of WWE Champion the Rock and No. 1 Contender Stone Cold Steve Austin, squaring off at Wrestlemania 17.

    It was slated as the biggest match of the decade, as millions around the world tuned in to watch, what to them, was considered wrestling gold.

    Austin and the Rock are true pioneers of the sport, and both men had different styles and abilities that helped WWE defeat WCW in the ratings war, which put WCW out of business.

    However, this standoff was that much more intense, as it was not only for the WWE gold, but for the pride and stake of the company.

Brock Lesnar & Goldberg: Wrestlemania XX

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    At the time, they were Raw and Smackdown’s biggest stars, who created havoc wherever they went.

    This stare down was extra special as it marked, not only the first time these two men would go one-on-one with each other, but it also marked the last time each man would step inside a wrestling ring.

    Both men were going to part ways with the company after WrestleMania.

    It was an emotional scene as the former World Champions stared daggers into each others' eyes and, with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee, it only made the situation that much more intense.

Bret Hart & HBK: Monday Night Raw

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    The moment of 2010 witnessed the return of Bret "The Hitman" Hart to the business and company that took so much away from him.

    He wasted no time as he called out Shawn Michaels as the man who screwed him at the Survivor Series in 1997.

    The stare down between both men was one of the most anticipated and hyped-up moments in the history of the wrestling industry.

    No one knew what each man would do to the other once they were in close proximity.

McMahon, Heyman & Bischoff

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    Never would we have thought of witnessing these three men in the ring at the same time.

    Firstly, we had Eric Bischoff the mastermind and pantomime villain behind the fall of WWE and the rise of WCW during the mid 90’s.

    Secondly, we had the owner and creator of the hardcore wrestling show ECW and competitor to both companies, Paul Heyman.

    Lastly, we had the owner of WWE and the eventual owner of all three companies: Vince McMahon.

    This was a great moment as it eclipsed what wrestling stood for, and what all the wrestlers in the back went through during the horrid days of the Monday Night Wars.

Andre the Giant & Hulk Hogan: Wrestlemania III

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    This image put wrestling on the map. It was the moment that the Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant, and The American Hero Hulk Hogan squared off against one another at WrestleMania III.

    The stare down is definitely one of the biggest moments in wrestling history, especially for both men, because they both knew that were creating history and, in hindsight, becoming legends at the same time.

Goldberg & The Rock: Backlash 2004

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    It was the match all of us dreamed of, and the moment all of us anticipated would happen since Vince McMahon’s purchase of WCW. The "Great One" went toe-to-toe with Bill Goldberg.

    Like Hogan and Rock, this one was just as important and just as memorable as WCW’s most popular superstar trademarked the Peoples' Eyebrow.

    It was definitely a standout moment for any WWE fan, or wrestling fan in general, as they saw these two icons go at it for the very first time.

Rey Mysterio & Ultimo Dragon

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    Mexico and Japan’s greatest talents in the forms of Rey Mysterio Jr. and Ultimo Dragon.

    Both men are considered legends all over the world and are credited from a host of wrestling pundits as two of the greatest light heavyweight wrestlers of all time.

    When these two men squared off against each other and stared each other down, the aura and electricity that were created from both men would change the sold-out arena for years to come.

Undertaker & Great Khali: Judgment Day 2007

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    Besides Giant Gonzalez, never before has WWE witnessed someone who was more superior to the Undertaker in every way. Khali was taller, bigger and physically daunting compared to the aging phenom.  

    Prior to their confrontation, these two men locked eyes for about a minute before Khali laid waste to the fallen legend of WWE. If ever WWE wanted to make a name for somebody, they did so when they created Khali.

Kane & Undertaker: Badd Blood 1997

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    At Badd Blood 1997, the WWE saw the debut of The Undertaker’s half-brother, Kane. For weeks, WWE were hyping the debut of this monster, this creature who would get his revenge on the Undertaker for what he did to his family and, at Badd Blood, boy did we see it.

    For me, it is one of the single greatest debuts in the WWE. When Kane entered the Hell in the Cell after ripping the doors from its hinges, Kane locked horns with the Undertaker.

    The Undertaker, at first, was scared, confused and visibly distraught before the Big Red Machine sent his brother crashing with a thunderous Tombstone Piledriver.

    It was really a moment for everyone to remember and definitely one of the highlights of the men's careers.

Chris Jericho & Randy Orton:

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    Jericho made his second return to the company in late 2007 and wasted no time as he went after the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

    This was an epic moment as it started the second leg of Jericho’s illustrious career with WWE and also started his new persona and character.

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Mike Tyson

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    "Iron" Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin created history as both men locked horns with one another during an edition of Monday Night Raw when Vince McMahon introduced Tyson to the WWE Universe.

    In response, Austin came out and physically provoked Tyson to a quarrel before being separated by security and Tyson’s henchman.

    During the time, Tyson was one of the most popular icons in sport along with Austin.

    So, when both men were in the ring with one another, it definitely left everyone around them biting their nails and holding their hearts in their hand.

Batista & HHH

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    It was the feud and this moment that kicked-started Batista’s rise to stardom. A year earlier, we saw Evolution turn on newly crowned World Champion Randy Orton.

    In several cases, many believe that it was the beating received from HHH and Evolution that made Orton legit, as was the confrontation with Batista and HHH.

The Rock & Triple H

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    The greatest feud of 2000, and one of the greatest feuds off all time.

    At Judgment Day 2000, we saw the final bout between both men as they tried to settle their score in a hour-long Iron Man Match.

    Prior to the match, both men would stare down each others' throats, symbolizing the importance of the last couple months and how much effort both men put in—only to have one final hurdle to jump.

John Cena & Batista

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    The PG ERA’s version of the Rock and HHH. Only this time we had two faces instead of one. Both Cena and Batista were the pinnacle of WWE, and, alongside Edge and Orton, they helped take WWE to new heights.

    However, these two men both had it in their intentions to become the leader of the pack and more dominant figure.

Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels

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    The greatest entertainer vs. the greatest in-ring performer. Which status you feel fits each wrestler is entirely up to you.

    Both men have won and accomplished everything that there is to accomplish in the WWE; they both headlined WrestleMania, they both won the WWE Championship, IC Championship..etc. 

    However, neither man had ever faced off with one another.

    This match was all about bragging rights, and, for me, the better man won.

Undertaker Vs. Undertaker

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    One of the greatest segments in wrestling history. WWE Legend the Undertaker faced WWE Legend the Undertaker.

    During this time, 'Taker was one of the most popular figures in the sport, and, when Ted DiBiase brought his own 'Taker to take out Paul Bearer's 'Taker, it made for a real spectacle.