NBA Trade Ideas: Tyson Chandler and 5 Centers The New York Knicks Should Target

Christopher HowlandCorrespondent IIIFebruary 24, 2011

NBA Trade Ideas: Tyson Chandler and 5 Centers The New York Knicks Should Target

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    Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    As the 3 p.m. NBA Trade deadline is quickly approaching, the New York Knicks could still be in the market to acquire a big-man center to compliment Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

    Tyson Chandler would be a legit option for the Knickerbockers, but here are a few other names New York can take a look at.

Tyson Chandler

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    Tyson Chandler is having a great year for the Dallas Mavericks, and as he is playing in his "contract year", he has some extra motivation to succeed.

    If the Knicks could acquire Chandler from the Mavs, they would benefit from having him on the floor this season while also setting themselves up to sign him to an extension.

    Chandler should be excited at the chance to play along side Stoudemire and Anthony, while extension negotiations should progress rather smoothly.

Marcus Camby

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    Though Marcus Camby has hinted through The Oregonian that if he were traded before today’s deadline he would retire, Camby would have to rethink that statement if traded to the New York Knicks.

    The retirement talk seems like a bluff on Camby’s part, but while he thinks about his future, he could be a considerable upgrade for the Knicks at center.

    Camby is a hard-nosed, gritty player that would compliment Stoudemire’s game and will be the big-man presence the Knicks need on the floor.

Chris Kaman

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    Despite major issues about Chris Kaman’s health, he would be a great option to match with Stoudemire in the low post.

    Kaman is a force on the boards and his 7’0” frame would make it easy for him to put up solid numbers day in and day out.

    The Clippers have been playing Kaman more these past weeks, possibly setting him up for a trade today as 3 p.m. draws closer, and the Knicks could be calling soon with a proposal.

Marc Gasol

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    Marc Gasol, known to many as Pau Gasol’s brother, has a ton of potential that could be reached by playing in a winning environment in New York.

    He is a free agent after the season, so if the Knicks were to explore a deal for Gasol it would have to come with signing an extension.

    Gasol’s mammoth size and scoring ability would accompany the explosive play of the rest of the Knicks roster and create a winning franchise in New York.

Nazr Mohammed

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    A former New York Knicks center, Nazr Mohammed would be a welcomed addition to the Knicks roster.

    His 6’10” frame would bode well as an addition to Stoudemire on the floor and his expiring contract would match up nicely with what the Knicks want to do in the future.

    In a time where the Knicks are in a win-now mind frame, Mohammed could be that extra addition to put New York over the edge in the Eastern Conference.