Stanford at Washington: A Nine-Year-Old Predicts an Easy Win for the Huskies

Edward DegtyaryovCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

Washington Huskies vs. Stanford Cardinal on Saturday. Who will win?


Washington will win easily because they had Bye week last week and were able to work on many things that held them back like poor tackling and protecting the ball.  Also, they are 0-3, so they should come out focused and angry.




Here's how I think the scoring will go:



1st   Qtr

2nd Qtr3rd Qtr4th Qtr




Their key player is Jake Locker.  He has rushed a lot this season, so the Washington lineman needs to give him good blocks so he can get at least five yards per run when Jake's number is called. If the Washington’s lineman can do that they should win the game.


The crowd needs to help Washington too. They have to be as loud as they can no matter what down, no matter what the score is, no matter what. That will be a great help for the Huskies.  They need Husky Stadium rocking like my dad remembers it.


The Huskies have to use Jake, but not over use him. They cannot afford to get him injured, or too tired. They have to convert on third and short and not give up turnovers. They also have to stop Stanford on third down opportunities.


The offensive line will have to help out the running backs in order to get offensive balance.  If they can get some good yards on the ground they will be set up for the pass. Jake seems to have a better touch on the ball so the receivers cannot drop easy catches.