Is There Something In The Water In Elliot Lake?

Dennis GuimondContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

I currently live in a small town in Northern Ontario with a deep mining history and claim to two NHL'er who came from this boom and bust town.  Nestled halfway between Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury you'll find Elliot Lake, a town of over 11,000 people and surrounded by over 1000 lakes.

After looking through the stats of tonights game against Ottawa I noticed that Elliot Lake born Alex Henry had himself two fights.  Though I have never met Alex, I have had the pleasure of meeting, golfing and fishing with another Elliot Lake talent Jeremy Stevenson.  He too was known to drop the gloves on occasion.  Is this just a coincidence ... I'm left to wonder ... "Could there be something in our water here that make ordinary men fight?" 

With more research I feel that there could be some truth to that theory. During my time here I have witnessed grown men in our "beer hockey" leagues drop gloves on more then one occasion, old men versus young pups ... old men versus old men ... goalies doing their best Billy Smith imitation ... What could they be trying to prove?  Is it too many late nights a Lee's Place?  Is it stress at work? Or could it really be in the water?  Hmmm I'm left to wonder and take some water samples.

The Canadiens are starting to roll in these exhibition games, it's great to see and read about the talent that is in the system and the good depth the team has.  I know Alex has a slim chance of cracking the line-up but there are a few Elliot Lakers pulling for him.  He's grinder and does have some big league experience, he'll be a good depth addition at defence and will help develop the young talent in the minors. 

So if you ever meet an Elliot Laker don't get them to mad because you never know how much water they drank ... keep up the good work Alex!!