Ryan Giggs Playing A More Central Role: Is This Good?

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 26, 2008

Remeber the days when Giggs ran down the left flank and slung balls into the box for others to score? Well, those days may be over. On Friday, Sir Alex Ferguson announced that Giggs would play a more central role from now on.

Those who saw United play against Middlesbrough earlier this week got a glimpse of what Giggs would be doing - becoming more of a front man. In that match, Manchester United defeated Middlesbrough, 3-1; and one of those goals came from Ryan Giggs.

Fergie said to reporters: “I see his role as a central player, where we played him the other night. The days of trampling up and down that touchline for Ryan, at 34 years of age, are gone. He can maybe do it occasionally, but I think that is beyond him now.”

Giggs has always been able to score goals but his strong-point has always been a setup man - or is it his strong-point? Maybe, we haven't seen the best of Giggs because he was a winger. Now as a forward, he'll be more active and be able to get inside shooting range more often. This could work for him in the long-run.

Giggs is in great form as of late and Fergie is just exploiting his strong points. Ryan Giggs is one of the players that can get United out of a jam and I think this role will be only better for him.

Well, now that I've given my view on this, I want your view. Is this change the best thing for Ryan Giggs? Or should Fergie just let Giggs run down the flanks?