Top Ten Rule Changes I'd Like to Witness in the NHL

Curtis SmithContributor ISeptember 26, 2008

From the increase of salary cap to the elimination of the two-line pass, the NHL is ever-changing.  In this light, I would like to present my top ten rule changes I'd like to see to the great game of hockey.

10.  First off, I'd like to see bigger nets. Leave the goalie equipment alone and just make the nets bigger. 

9.  Let the defense play.  Obstruction hooking is the most ridiculous rule in hockey and should just be taken out, case closed.

8.  Allow for more five-on-threes.  Everybody loves a good five-on-three!

7.  If the goalie takes a penalty, put them in the box. Wouldn't that be great, changing goalies on the fly?

6.  If a player dives, they should not receive a two-minute minor, but rather the other team should be given a penalty shot instead (more the penalty shot later).

5.  Or, when a player dives, they should have to sit out the next game.

4.  My boy Al Sobaka should be allowed to swing his octopi whenever and where ever he feels like it.  On a side note, to all the players who had a problem with this—remember, you do play hockey.  Stop being wusses and toughen up!

3.  I don't feel like seeing the same teams over and over and over again.  Stop playing the same teams in your division 30 times.  Branch out, and explore the NHL.

2.  Let the players fight.  Fights are part of the game.  If they want to and both agree, to me, that's round one. "FIGHT!"

1. Lastly—and by far the best thing I'd like to see—rebound chances on a penalty shot, with everybody staying on the ice!  

Okay, hear me out.  You take the player that's taking the penalty shot, and start him at center ice (yeah, I know, that's original).  Then take the team's best two forward, and place them on the blue line.  The defense sets up three players opposite of the two on offense.  The remaining players stay at center ice.  When the shot is taken, everybody crashes in at the goalie, and play resumes as normal. 

See?  Wouldn't that be fun to watch?

I know that some of these are off the wall and probably would never work in the NHL.  But hey, I can always dream—and that I will do.